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Radiant Floor Heating: The Future of Home Comfort and Real Estate Value

Making the decision to install radiant floor heating is a surefire method to increase your home’s value. In fact, the phrase “heated floors” is synonymous with ‘Luxury and comfort’, and is enough alone, to pique the interest of potential buyers in a property ad or open house.

Heated floors are a terrific addition to any bathroom or kitchen renovation due to their ability to soften the chill of hard surfaces like tile, stone, or Vinyl. Allowing you to choose from some the more modern floor coverings, without having to compromising on comfort.

Every homeowner understands the importance of ease and comfort, particularly in the testing winter months when our indoor comfort becomes of primary importance. As such, both current and future homeowners quickly come to realise that radiant floor heating is a proverbial “gift that keeps giving”, providing a fantastic return on investment.

Here, we take a closer look at how radiant floor heating will transform your experience of home comfort while instantly boosting the value of your property.

1.     Radiant floor heating provides instant luxury

The most obvious benefit of radiant floor heating is the comfort it provides. You’d be hard-pressed to find a homeowner who doesn’t find the convenience of heated floors to be a welcome addition.

Whether you choose a particularly cold area for this installation – such as a tiled bathroom – or you prefer to have the majority of your floor space fitted with radiant floor heating, every room you choose will become a cosy haven of luxury and comfort.

As such, radiant floor heating has become a much sought-after addition to any luxury home, and not just as a status symbol. Radiant floor heating has been found to deliver a more energy-efficient means of warming a house than traditional heating methods such as electric cable heaters, forced air, and baseboard heating, bringing real value alongside unparalleled luxury and convenience.

2.     Improved energy efficiency

As just noted above, radiant floor heating delivers a tangible increase in property value through its proven energy efficiency.

Radiant floor heating radiates heat upward through the flooring quietly and efficiently, unlike forced air systems which blow hot air through vents in the ceilings or floor. Radiant floor heating warms up the entire room with through even distribution of heat, leaving no cold spots in a room. If it wasn’t for the cozy warm feeling, you never know it was there.

Added to this, a programmable thermostat can be installed which will allow you to customize your heat settings according to your needs. For example, heating times can be pre-set, and levels adjusted according to the time of day or night when it will be most effective for your home.

3.     Resell value is increased.

Choosing to have underfloor heating installed in notoriously cold living areas such as the kitchen or bathroom gives an instant touch of forethought and luxury to any home. Most homeowners understand the great discomfort of cooking dinner in an icy kitchen or running a bubble bath in a chilly bathroom.

Radiant floor heating transforms these conventionally cold-tiled areas into warm and cosy places of ease and relaxation, setting your home apart from all the other.

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