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Philippe Shangti brings social criticism to the Super Bowl

His curious, imaginative and perfectionist temperament makes Philippe Shangti a self-taught person who has been interested in photography from a very young age. After being a model, Philippe is sought after by managers of various establishments, to whom he whispers artistic advice and creative projects from his imagination.

Very soon, he was discovered by a businessman from Saint-Tropez who saw in him all his potential. This is how Philippe decides to leave his bags in Saint Tropez, a place where he will let all his audacity and talent explode. Thus, he will give birth to the first futuristic and extraordinary artistic concepts of him.

The moral and social criticism of Philippe Shangi’s art

Contemporary artist Philippe Shangti does not hesitate to denounce denial in a sometimes rather scathing and vulgar way. Philippe’s works are distinguished by the very striking colors that he uses, by his totally unusual staging but also by the signature of his works that he stamps directly with his hand on the bodies of his models.

Worried about the minimal details, the artist attaches great importance to the symmetry, perspectives and balance of the different elements in his works.

Philippe Shangti is a complete artist with an extraordinary talent for translating his art pieces into stage performances entirely imagined by him. Thus he directs the entire artistic conception creating his own universe. Among his notorious pieces, he signed several “label” works like the famous “Enjoy Your Fucking Dinner”.

His art brings together in various photographs, artistic concepts but also in limited edition sculptures. His work is exhibited in many countries in the best art galleries in Europe, the United States and Asia.

Constantly looking for new ideas and challenges, the artist also created special works with sports personalities, collectors and families. He also collaborates with many luxury brands as part of the development of a range of products loaded with art and his universe.

With his experience, the artist organizes private events on the international scene where he manages to recreate the artistic environment in which he finds himself immersed, to distance visitors and connect them intensely with his artistic world.

After living for more than ten years in St Tropez, the artist wanted to improve his career and decided to move his studios and all his equipment to the Principality of Andorra, where he now experiences a new energy.

Philippe Shangti’s new projects in 2022

While the year 2021 finished with almost 100 of the artis’s’s works displayed in historical museums (Musée des Beaux Art in Carcassonne and Erarta Museum in St. Petersburg) and as numerous others in esteemed works displays, Philippe Shangti was just contemplating the elaboration of his new assortment 2022. Indeed, each series of photographs is a challenge as delicate as it is daring to face because it denounces the immoral by embellishing it.

The artis makes his works with a solitary target, to criticize the indecencies of our general public, to blame human conduct to stir inner voices through his work. On account of a tasteful taken to eruption in every one of his works, the artist manages genuine, now and again fierce topics, yet never crosses the limits of admonishing messages and indecency. Hence, during his work, he skilfully figures out how to transform his craft into a battle against medications, prostitution or contamination.

His aesthetic denunciation of the indecencies of this world is really recording his battles in the soul of people in general, with altruism and depth. The artist takes photos that are more pleasing than crude in order to convey his messages to as many people as can be expected under the circumstances.

After addressing the magnificence of women and rebuking the ingratiating forces of today’s society in his 2020 work ‘Beauté Sauvage’, artist Philippe Shangti uses this theme as a supporting focal point for his new 2022 work. called ‘Sexy Fighting’. This new project represents the duality between people and the battle for gender equality, tackled in wonderful and fabulous settings.

Through these photos, women show that they can win in the ‘man’s universes’ and adapt to the situation to win the fight. Photographic artist Philippe Shangti wishes to feature in this assortment the assurance and boldness of ladies, which make them the genuine heroes of our reality. To present your project, his work Delirious Super Bowl, will be introduced toward the beginning of April at the Art Angels display on Beverly Hills Boulevard in Los Angeles.

The Super Bowl, quite possibly the most expected of the year in EEUU, is likewise a solid image of virility. A worldwide stage where men, over-prepared, strong and outfitted with head protectors and shield like combatants, brutally stand up to one another to arrive at an extreme objective.

The artist Philippe Shangti going show a humorous visual work of art of this occasion, by placing in scene ladies having the option to allude to the singers and performers of the popular “half-time show”, showing that they can likewise partake in this gladiatorial battle. Embellished with their most beautiful accessories, nothing stops them in their journey to take power and ridicule the male orientation, which is virilized in this event.

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