Payouts in Online Casinos: Rules and Features for New Zealand Players

We all know that when you play in a casino you have to buy chips, and when the casino pays out you basically cash in those same chips. The reason why they do this is that it discourages players to grab their cash and flee if the bet doesn’t go their way. Chips have to be redeemed and are useless outside of a casino.

Now, with online casinos, it’s a bit different, as transactions and bets all go digitally. So, let’s go over some rules and features for payouts in an online casino.

Playing at a Legitimate Casino for Kiwis

With the internet came online fraud and scams, and they are very much present everywhere. Now, our search engines, and browsers have become better at spotting problematic websites, but that doesn’t mean you are entirely safe. So, if you wish to eliminate the chance of fraud, play on the fastest payout online casino that is available on multiple review sites. This way you gain access to legitimate and regulated platforms that are obligated to pay. Moreover, you can see if any user had a negative experience with any of them before you decide to create an account.

Payment Methods

In order to transact with an online casino, we need to use one of many payment portals that are available on that operator’s site. Typically, casinos aim to allow deposits through various providers, in order to enable people from all over the world to fund the account. This is why most of them have Poli Pay, Master and Visa cards, and various e-wallets that are available all over the world. Moreover, they tend to allow wire transfer and SMS payments as well.

When it comes to withdrawal, not all casinos offer the same methods as they do for deposits. Meaning, that withdrawing money can be more tricky, and in some cases, you might even have to use a bank transfer to handle this payout. The reason why this can be bothersome is that you will have to wait longer for a payment to be processed and the bank will ask for supporting documents.  This is why you should opt for operators who have efficient payment withdrawal options, in order to eliminate unnecessary processing time for payouts.

Crypto Casinos

Currently one of the most effective ways to handle online casino payouts is by using cryptocurrency. This is because it’s not handled by a bank and because blockchain is one of the safest and fastest ways to handle money transfers. Additionally, some casinos that allow crypto payments also allow you to play without creating an account. You just get an URL and pay for playing the game you want to play.

Can an Online Casino Refuse to Payout to the Player

Usually, an online casino has the right to refuse payout if they feel there were some irregularities with how someone won. There were a few instances when someone ended up winning money because of the software bug on the site. Of course, in those cases, users choose to bring their case to the court and they decide whether the operator is obligated to payout.

This is why whenever you wish to withdraw money the operator usually takes time to evaluate the transfer request. They need to make sure that funds were acquired legally and under the rules of fair play.

Wagering Requirements

Another instance when a casino can deny a payment is if the user is still subject to the wagering requirements of the bonus offer’s terms and conditions. Almost all operators offer some sort of incentive, like multipliers on deposits, free bets, free chips, and free spins. If you play and don’t win anything and just choose to play on a different platform then that’s perfectly fine. However, if you end up winning, you need to meet the wagering requirements attached to that promotion.

Casinos need to have these requirements in order to ensure there are enough funds for payouts to other players. Moreover, almost all of the operators don’t allow you to play red/black roulette with these bonus funds. So, if you win on slots or poker for example, and you still need to pay 30 times the bonus amount to a casino, they have the right to deny the payout request. Therefore, you should always review bonus terms and conditions before you accept them.


In general, legitimate online operators in New Zealand don’t want to create these negative experiences. They want users who win to tell their stories and recommend their platform. Negative reviews can be a major deterrent especially if they are payouts related.

Smaller and illegal operators might decide not to pay, but even they don’t want unnecessary attention if they plan to continue earning money through players. The only type of online casino that won’t give you your rewards is a site held by con artists, and these tend to look cheap and offer unrealistic bonuses.


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