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Partnership Between M88 Mansion and Renowned Entrepreneur Maria Ozawa Confirmed

The online gambling industry is one that has grown in leaps and bounds over the course of recent decades. This growth was further stimulated by the ongoing global pandemic, which forced populations across the globe to retreat away from public spaces, including land-based casinos, and into their homes. Naturally, those with a penchant for a flutter had to find alternative ways to get their fix, which positively impacted online gambling portals.

On the flip side, however, this increased demand for the services provided by online casinos also led to the rise of lots of news portals. As such, online casinos operating in such a saturated market have been forced to implement measures that would ensure that their portal stood out from the crowd. While some casinos offer potential customers enticing welcome offers or exclusive casino bonuses, others have turned to celebrity endorsements to attract new clients.

In this exciting and recently announced partnership between M88 Mansion and Maria Ozawa, players can look forward to the launch of ‘Maria’s Room’. This is an online portal specializing in a selection of casino games as well as exclusive offers. And if you’re stuck on which casino offer is suitable for you, fret not because NoDepositFriend is available to guide you and provide you with useful tips and tricks when playing such exclusive games.

Meet Maria Ozawa

A well-known name within the gaming community, Maria Ozawa, a celebrity entrepreneur who hails from Japan. A serial entrepreneur, Osawa also has interests in the entertainment sector as she co-owns Bar Drunk in Tokyo and Singles Bar at Resorts World Manila in the Philippines. Most notably, however, Ozawa has long recognized the investment potential to be found in the online gambling sector.

In her most recent move to partner with M88 Mansion, Maria Ozawa took a real interest in the design and development of this online portal which offers gamers a range of excellent casino games in addition to some enticing exclusive offers.

Before her interest in the gaming sector, Osawa had a successful career as a model and actress, and M88 Mansion has made some acknowledgement of this through the games available in Maria’s Room. These games include titles like Bikini Part, Ladies Nite 2 and Football Baby. So, fans who have been following Osawa for a while will be in for a real treat.

An Exciting Partnership Full of Possibilities

In a recent interview with M88 Mansion’s Creative Director, Carlos Lopez, he remarked that: ‘we partnered with Maria Ozawa because she is a well-known celebrity within our market.’

Lopez then went on to further elaborate on the M88 Mansion’s decision by saying: ‘We created Maria’s Room because we want to present Maria in a new light. She is more than just an on-screen personality. She is very business-minded, and at the same time, she likes to have fun. This is the side of her that we want to present.”

From the other side of the partnership, Maria Osawa expressed her excitement about embarking on this new project with M88 Mansion as she said: It is my first partnering with a gaming company, and I am thrilled with Maria’s Room as I have never tried anything like this before. I play my favorites when I have free time, and if players are lucky, they will also get to play with me.

This exciting new partnership between M88 Mansion and Maria Ozawa looks to be a natural fit and is expected to be beneficial for both parties. While Ozawa’s involvement in the project and her endorsement is expected to provide M88 Mansion with access to a captive audience amongst her impressive celebrity fanbase, the partnership will also help Ozawa grow her existing following as she’ll be working with one of Asia’s most popular online gambling portals.

In short, the launch of Maria’s Room looks to be fruitful not just for its namesake, Maria Osawa but also for M88 Mansion. What’s more, we have no doubt that Maria’s celebrity fanbase, as well as avid gamers in general, will also have lots of fun playing the new games on this online portal.


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