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Our Favourite Byredo Perfumes

Byredo is one of the leaders in luxury fragrance, offering a wide range of unique and complex scents for every occasion. From their signature Black Saffron and La Tulipe collections to their limited edition perfumes like Blanche and Bibliotheque, there’s something to entice everyone here. Here are our top picks from the Byredo range!

Bal d’Afrique

Taking inspiration from Parisian society in the 1920s, this citrusy-floral scent is perfect for special occasions. Notes of African marigold, vetiver and bergamot blend together with musky undertones and a hint of cashmeran for an unforgettable fragrance experience.

Gypsy Water

This earthy and woody number pays homage to Scandinavian gypsies and their free-spirited lifestyle. Bergamot, lemon peel, peppermint, juniper berries & incense combine with base notes of pine needles & sandalwood to create that deep forest aroma. Try out this Gypsy water perfume sample by Byredo and see if it could be your future signature scent.



This limited edition perfume is a special take on traditional floral scents. Rose petals are blended with jasmine sambac and tuberose for a delightful top note that’s accentuated by hints of pink pepper and cassis bud extract in the dry down. The result? A youthful yet sophisticated scent that leaves an impression. 

Mojave Ghost

If you’re looking for something a little more masculine, this dark desert-inspired scent has you covered. Cactus flower extracts team up with guaiac wood & smoky notes while sandalwood adds warmth – resulting in a bold yet balanced fragrance best worn in cooler months.


Bibliothèque is inspired by the old libraries found all around Scandinavia – dusty archives filled with stories waiting to be discovered! This delicate blend combines top notes of violet leaves & strawberry leaf for sweetness before settling into velvety sandalwood & ambergris base notes that linger all day long.

Byredo offers so many great fragrances it can be hard to choose just one – but these five special picks should help you find your signature scent! Whether you go for something floral or prefer something more classical there’s sure to be something here that tickles your nose buds!

Who is Byredo?

Byredo is a luxury fragrance house founded by Ben Gorham in 2006. Inspired by stories, emotions, and memories, the company creates a range of perfumes, candles and leather goods that capture the complexity and beauty of the world around us.

A Background in Art & Design


Before launching his own brand, Ben studied at Stockholm’s Konstfack University College of Arts with an emphasis on Art Direction & Design. After graduating with a degree in Fine Arts he worked as a creative consultant before branching out into perfumery. From there Byredo was born!

The Brand’s Philosophy

At its heart, Byredo is all about exploring memories and personal experiences through scent. Each fragrance has an olfactory story – one that’s inspired by places, people or moments from history to create something truly unique. In addition to being creative and bold in their approach to scent-making the brand also prides itself on using only the finest ingredients to craft each product.

Expansion Beyond Fragrance

Since its inception Byredo has gradually expanded its offerings to include candles, body care products and signature leather accessories such as wallets and bags. All of these items can be found online or at select boutiques worldwide for those seeking something extra special for their homes or wardrobes!

With a focus on quality over quantity it should come as no surprise that this Swedish fragrance house have become a favourite among discerning perfume lovers everywhere. Whether you’re looking for something ultra special or just want to explore their collection – you won’t be disappointed!



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