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Online Medical Card Expands Its Services to Ohio and Nevada 

California, 30th November, 2021: Online Medical Card, an online telemedicine platform recently extended their medical marijuana recommendation services to the states of Ohio and Nevada. With over 50,000 active patients, the clinic is now aiming to provide a quick and hassle-free experience through their mobile application. 

The founder of Online Medical Card, Rao Fu said, “Our main purpose is to identify a customer-focused approach and reach out to as many patients as we can. These days cannabis plays a major role as an alternative solution to certain health issues, so we’re helping patients access what they require based on their medical evaluations.”

The online platform noted that its long term goal is to leverage its expertise and knowledge regarding medical cannabis use to patients with genuine needs. Even though in-clinic visits are a viable option, the telemedicine platform in tandem with the application reduces the cost and time for every patient. An opportunity equally available for all.  

This makes this service worthwhile for the patients of the state of Ohio. Since the state of Ohio has no law for the recreational use of cannabis, it is imperative for the patients to apply for a medical marijuana card. In addition to this, the patients also enjoy the surplus benefits that come with being an MMJ card holder, like tax relaxations, discounts in prices of cannabis from state dispensaries etc.

Online Medical card is an ideal telemedicine platform for getting a cannabis recommendation due to its staunch belief in the cannabis community, compliance with the state regulations, and standards of online practices. Together with a commitment to help patients, it only focuses on expanding its roots to other states in the coming future. 

About Online Medical Card

Since its inception in 2001 to when it started its services in 2009, Online Medical Card has been endlessly serving the patients of medical marijuana in the USA. Working towards shedding a positive light on the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, the doctors have been a part of a strong cannabis community. 

Having provided their best service to thousands of patients, Online Medical Card has remained true to its purpose. The platform now aims to grow its reach even more to support patients and increase their overall development. 

Address: 2001 East 1st St, Suite 102, Santa Ana, CA 92705

Contact Number: (888) 988-8420

Website URL: https://www.onlinemedicalcard.com/ 

Email ID: contact@onlinemedicalcard.com

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