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One parking lot in San Francisco sells for 90,000

“This is a parking space only. It’s not a condo, it’s one parking space near the lobby,” says William, sitting in a condominium at 88 Townsend Street in the city. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg, File)


Parking in urban areas can be difficult. The rise of smash-and-grab in San Francisco makes it an easy target for street parking, and even if a parking space is available, you pay a hefty price to call it yours while you wander the city for a few hours. There is a possibility.

If you need a permanent place to call your car home, $90,000 single parking lot San Francisco, California, according to Bill William’s Redfin list.

Surrounded by buildings above 88 Townsend Street In town, William is listed as “This is a parking space only. It’s not a condo, it’s one parking space near the lobby.”

Luckily for potential buyers, the listing says it is “open to non-residents and located one block from Oracle Stadium.”

“One block from the ballpark and one block from the Embarcadero, good parking as well To park your car, and your money,” Williams told ABC 7 San Francisco.

It’s currently being leased for $300/month, but if you want to call it your own, the listing says it costs $90,000/month or about $535/month plus $31 in monthly HOA fees .

Some people disagree with William’s new business venture.

Henry Luon, an officer in San Francisco, shocked According to the list, ABC 7 San Francisco said.

“$100,000 for one spot is too much,” Luong said. “Just be careful and follow the rules.”

This isn’t the first time San Francisco residents have seen parking prices higher than the price of a new Audi S6.

Going back to 2013, closed parking lot The building across from AT&T Park sold for $82,000 in San Francisco, according to the Los Angeles Times.

But the high-value parking trend isn’t unique to San Francisco.

in Seattle, 128 square feet of parking It sold for 50,000, as reported by McClatchy News.

“According to MyWindermere listing, the 128-square-foot space is a ‘once-in-a-lifetime opportunity’ to own a space in the parking lot of The Marq Condominium,” McClatchy News said.

In Boston, one parking lot was sold at an exorbitant price. $375,000 total According to the Boston Herald, it’s in the South End.

Parking fees in San Francisco are unforgivable, especially during a baseball game.

Kron 4 reports: Garage near Oracle Park I’m charging fans $120. ”

For all avid San Francisco Giants fans, the 88 Townsend Street listing may be the answer to their prayers.

https://www.sacbee.com/news/california/article265546821.html One parking lot in San Francisco sells for 90,000

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