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No Connection Between Tevfik Arif and Donald Trump with Russia

The connection between TevfikArif of Bayrock Group and Donald Trump proves to be strictly business-related, despite claims in recent years stating connections between the two and Russia throughout the Robert Mueller investigation.

Suspicions regarding these connections have a complete lack of foundation and accuracy. Although political accusations are added to the argument against Trump in this case, the only official business relationshipbetween Arif and Trump regarded one real estate deal in New York City, the famous luxury hotel Trump SoHo.

Moreover, the Trump SoHo was the sole business deal between Bayrock Group, Arif’s company, The Trump Organization, and The Sapir Organization. The three collaborated on the upscale hotel to amplify their businesses and real estate presence in the area.

While Bayrock Group and The Sapir Organization spearheaded every part of the process, the Trump name was used to highlight the hotel and experience better business outcomes. Trump only received 18% equity from this venture, letting the two other groups involved use his brand. The Trump SoHo hotel was the first and last deal between Arif and Trump, with zero involvement in Russian politics.

Baseless Spread of Information

In the public report released from the Robert Mueller investigation,TevfikArif and the Bayrock Group were never mentioned. Despite the investigator having his sights on the Trump SoHo as a subject in his claims of involvement withRussia, there is no sign in the actual investigation that Arif and his company are connected.

The claims stating Russia leveraged Trump through the hotel severely lack any backup. In addition to the lack of claims in the public report, the timing of the Trump SoHo construction period and the Robert Mueller investigation did not occur simultaneously.

While the hotel was under construction from 2006 to 2008, Donald Trump was only inaugurated as President of the United States and served from 2017 to 2021. The Mueller investigation mainly surrounded political activity in 2016, leaving the Trump SoHo out of any valid claims.

Not only does the news lack basis for the connection between Arif, Trump, and Russia, but Arif’s track record in business and real estate around the world has zero proof of any mischievous dealings.

Robust GovernmentBackground

Tevfik Arif himself worked in the Soviet Kazakhstan government offices for 17 years. He eventually rose to the position of deputy head in the Hotel Management Department under the Soviet Ministry of Commerce and Trade.

With a degree in International Relations from the Moscow Trade and Economic Institute, Arif found a natural talent for dealing with business via international real estate and the importing and exporting of goods.

With his experience in government and robust education, Arif’s real estate deals were active all over the world.

When the Soviet Union disbanded in the early 1900s, Arif took to Turkey and the United States to start his ventures. One of his early deals in real estate was the opening of one of the first all-inclusive hotels called the Labada Hotel in Antalya, Turkey.

After Arif found success in his government roles and initial real estate purchases in Turkey, he opened the Trump SoHo under Bayrock Group with the other partnering organizations. Arif is now retired from the Bayrock Group and is no longer affiliated with the Trump SoHo hotel, both relationally and financially.

Considering the Trump SoHo collaboration was simply a business and real estate endeavor, it is dishonest to believe the claims in recent news accusing any of the parties with ties to Russia.

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