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New natural and clean scents

The fact that we live in a mainly visual culture can make us underestimate our sense of smell. However, the truth is that how we smell is as much important as how we look.

Our sense of smell plays a fundamental role in our everyday life. Not only is vital to our survival, it also can make us feel attracted or repelled to someone, it can trigger very deep memories and create instant emotions.

Furthermore, the way we smell sends a message to our entourage about who we are and how we feel. Even though, parfum are industrial items, the way each one smells in every skin is completely different and unique.

Thus, finding the right fragrance is very important in order to send the right message to the people we interact with; feel comfortable and relaxed in our own skin.

However, the prices of most of the popular parfum brands are so high that more and more customers are left behind every day, since they find that most of the fragrances are completely unaffordable.

A 100 ml bottle of Gucci Bloom Dupe can cost around of $138 US dollars. It is estimated that 100 ml are equal to 1000 sprays and each time we wear parfum we use around four sprays, which means a bottle of 100 ml lasts for 200 days if we use it every day. Therefore, if we want to use on a daily basis, we will need more than one bottle for year, which means that we need to invest 276 in just buying perfume.

Fortunately, there is a new trend of natural, clean and affordable fragrances that allow us to smell just as Gucci Bloom Dupe but without compromising our economy.

Smell good on a budget

Most of the times, the high cost of the popular fragrances can be explained for marketing expenses, celebrity endorsement fees or lavish packaging and are not related to the quality of the scent at all.

There is a raising public awareness about this fact and many scent lovers are opting for new affordable and clean fragrances that are sustainable, vegan and eco-friendly produced.

These new scents are premium quality, allowing us to smell just as sophisticated as with a commercial product, but in a better way, with a strong commitment with the environment and the development of alternative products.

Women catalogue

There are many options among the dossier of natural scents for women and finding the right one for you can be a little bit overwhelming, especially when we are in front of fragrances we do not know much about.

Fortunately, most of the scents in the catalogue are inspired by very well knownperfumes, so you can easily identify them. Anyway, our advice is taking some time to explore them by oneself, beyond what the labels says.

Ambery Vainilla, Ambery Saffron, Woody Oakmoss, Woody Sandalwood, Gourmand White Flowers, Fruity Almond, Floral Marshmallow, Fruity Brown Sugar, Woody Raspberry, Ambery Orange Blossom, Musky Gaiac, Floral Honeysuckle, Woody Sage, Floral Lavander, Ambery Cherry, Ambery Cedarwood, Citrus Green Apple, Fruity Jasmine and Floral violet are among the many options available for women. Each one of these are inspired in commercial fragrances.

New natural and clean scents

Men catalogue

The men catalogue is also made up of natural and affordable scents inspired in some of the most popular parfums in the market, such as Hermes’ Terre d’Hermes, Dolce & Gabbana’s The1 or Maison Margiela’s Replica Jazz Club.

Woody scents are predominant, highlighting the masculine character with sometimes dry and intense scents created combining floral, herbal and fruityingredients to create different unique and sophisticated parfums.

Ambery Lavander, Woody Geranium, Powdery Coconut, Woody Rum, Green Verbena, Woody Ginger, Citrus Marine, Powdery Tobacco, Ambery Vetiver, Woody Basil, Woody Coriander and Spicy Vetiver are some of the existing fragrances for men.

To conclude, there is a new trend of clean, natural fragrances produced by scent enthusiasts, which are premium quality, ethically sourced and sustainable. Among the catalog of these parfums, there are many options available for women, men and unisex that smell just like the most popular brands parfums but are available at much affordable prices, making it possible for almost everyone to smell good on a budget.


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