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New bill extends controversial California housing law – Orange County Register

Senator Scott Wiener, who wants to step up efforts to get approval for much-needed affordable housing across California, said on Monday he will force cities to approve certain projects. announced plans to expand a controversial state law to

Senate Bill 35 — one of Wiener’s signature achievements — rocked the state’s building process when it passed in 2017, sparking a fierce backlash from some city leaders and residents. neighborhood.

But it has also helped thousands of new homes go through the approval and permitting process. Otherwise, the project could be hamperingly difficult.Now Wiener wants to make the change permanent by removing his SB 35’s sunset stipulation, which expires in 2025. thinking about. He also proposes changes that would expand the scope of the law.

“California needs millions of new homes, and we must give cities and builders every tool to make those homes a reality,” he said in a news release. rice field.

Under SB 35, cities are required to give efficient approval to certain projects, including affordable housing. These projects are immune to the environmental lawsuits that opponents often use to halt or delay construction. The law only applies to cities that haven’t approved enough homes to meet state guidelines, including most cities in California.

Between 2018 and 2021, developers have proposed 18,000 homes under SB 35, including 13,000 low-income units, Wiener’s team said. He cited preliminary data from the school’s Terner Center for Housing Innovation. Of those, over 11,000 were approved. In San Francisco alone, about 2,000 units have been legally added.

https://www.ocregister.com/2023/02/13/new-bill-would-extend-controversial-california-housing-law/ New bill extends controversial California housing law – Orange County Register

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