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MyBambu: the only banking solution that allows you to send money from the United States to Latin America from your smartphone

MyBambu is an online banking platform specially designed for Latin American immigrants living in the United States without SSN or in a different immigrant status. MyBambu offers several banking services in an easy-to-use app and small fees. Creating an account is free and only requires a valid ID or passport from your country of origin. Make and receive money transfers or payments, get a Visa debit card and enjoy some other features without any hassle.

Do you need to send money to Latin America? MyBambu has a new service that allows sending cash to your family or friends. MyBambu has offices in 18 countries in Latin America, where recipients can withdraw cash 35 minutes after our user makes the electronic transfer. Also, you can make direct electronic money transference to any bank.

MyBambu’s primary goal is to provide affordable, secure, and easy-to-use financial solutions to the Latino community, regardless of the immigration status of their users. Thanks to our efficient services, MyBambu has become the bank with the most Latin American users in the United States, with 92% of active Hispanic members.

MyBambu is a platform created to offer banking solutions to the Latino community

There are few banks in the United States that offer specialized services for Latin Americans residing in the country; and after the closure of Fortú, one of the best-known banking platforms for Latinos, MyBambu has become an excellent option to manage your finances, making bank transactions and sending money to Latin American countries.

MyBambu not only offers the possibility of creating a free account to send money, with just an ID or passport issued by the country of origin. Our app also has an array of features and services that makes it as practical and useful as any conventional bank.

Our users can request a free prepaid Visa debit card, that can be used to buy in any store or business, whether physical or online, as well as withdraw cash at any ATM. Also, it’s possible to make transfers to any american bank, pay services, deposit checks and cash, recharge prepaid mobile phones in the United States and more than 15 countries in Latin America, and so much more.

But there is more. MyBambu gives a $10 bonus for opening new accounts that can be used to pay, send, or withdraw as the user wishes. The user can make invites to family and acquaintances and receive an extra $15 bonus for each new account opened.

All transactions made in MyBambu are completely secure thanks to an advanced encryption system, made to protect our users. The money in each account is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Most of the services offered by this platform are free and there are no extra charges or hidden fees; the charge applied to international money transfer services is specified in each of the transactions.

Each of MyBambu features are designed to provide banking solutions to all those who, due to not having an SSN or the necessary credit history or minimum balance in a checking account, are deprived of enjoying the services of a conventional bank.

Open your account in MyBambu

Opening a new MyBambu account is simple. Just download the application, available for Android and iOS devices completely free. After downloading and installing, the user must complete a form with their personal data. They must include a photograph of the ID of their country of origin or their passport and a photo that clearly shows your face to verify identity.

Users must also enter a valid email and create a password that will be used to allow access into the account. After finishing the registration process, the application will take approximately 24 hours to confirm the user’s identity. After the confirmation, the user will be able to start enjoying all the benefits of this checking account banking service. At this point, the user has received a $10 bonus just for creating their account.

MyBambu is the perfect alternative for all those who need to have a bank account and don’t have the documentation or credit history to create one in a conventional bank. Our service is also an excellent option for those who need to send money to their family or friends outside the United States and are looking for a safe, fast, and cheap way to do it.

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