My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore is Wearing Engagement Ring Again

My Big Fat Fabulous Life‘s Whitney has not always had the best time when it comes to relationships and love. Viewers of TLC have seen relationship after relationship fall apart in her case, most probably because she had been looking for her equal for several seasons. When Chase Severino, her ex-fiancé, entered the scene, fans thought she had found her match, but he only served to shatter her heart. She realized that her ex-fiancé, Chase, was cheating on her and decided to ignore him for a bit once she returned from her trip to Europe. This vacation took place after Chase and Whitney’s relationship began to drift apart as they could not agree with each other on their future goals.

Upon returning, Whitney received enough confirmation pointing to the fact that Chase had cheated on her. Chase maintained that his contact with an “old buddy” was a one-time occurrence, later claiming to have cheated on her while she was not speaking to him.

A pleasing turn of events in Whitney’s life

However, she has now moved on with a French man and has been vacationing with him in the City of Love. She appears to be having a wonderful time, and fans have been told that part of it will be recorded in the upcoming season.

Whitney announced on her Instagram that she was having a great time visiting the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, France. With her bright orange outfit and white sandals, the dancer looked stylish and cheerful. Fans were quick to notice that among the three photographs, there was an even more intriguing picture of Whitney posing in front of the flowers. They were also quick to see a ring on her ring finger, as her left hand was the only thing on display in the whole photograph. “Girl, what’s that magnificent ring all about?” one fan commented, echoing what everyone was wondering.

Except for a few flower emojis, Whitney provided no comment or caption. It was speculated that the message might potentially be a promotion for the next series, which premieres a week later. The halo diamond engagementring looked quite large and set in gold, with a massive rock in the center, though it was not gleaming. Weeks before she posted her picture, she confessed that she had a new partner but that he preferred not to be recorded or photographed because he valued his privacy.

The merry-go-round Whitney seemed to be having reservations about what the French Man thinks of her. Could she be his best friend or girlfriend? Whitney recently requested that the French Man pay her a visit on her 37th birthday, though unfortunately, he could not be with her for some reason. He did send her a few gits.

Whitney was pleased to see them, but she was disappointed when she opened the wrapper. She found a pillow with the words’ BEST FRIEND’ written on it, only for it to be a source of doubt for her followers. This left the MBFFL star perplexed as to what the Frenchman was up to.

She also received a ring and perfume, but the best friend pillow has left people guessing about the two’s true relationship status. Will Whitney’s love life see a ray of hope, or will it be doomed from the start?

Whitney has not always been lucky with rings

Months after her engagement with Chase Severino, who she had to break off with because he had allegedly hooked up with another woman, Whitney discovered she had misplaced her ring with a yellow sapphire and diamonds. Putting her hand under the water to clean the dirt off, she observed her ring fall from her finger. She was taken aback by this and immediately started hunting for the ring, believing that it may have sunk in water. Whitney sobbed, knowing that she had misplaced the ring and held herself responsible for what had occurred. She then informed her mother of the incident, admitting it was a bad one. She questioned if it was a “bad omen” and could not stop thinking about Chase since she had made it clear that she did not want him to buy her another ring.

Whitney’s mother, Barbara Thore, tried to soothe her in the meanwhile. Barbara believed Whitney and Chase’s relationship was developing too quickly from the start. When Barbara saw how Whitney misplaced her engagement ring, she questioned whether it was for a good reason. Whitney was devastated by the loss of her wedding ring, despite the fact that there was nothing she could do about it. Chase, on the other hand, was sad to learn that she would lose her wedding ring. With things in their relationship already getting tough, only the next episode will reveal how the pair will deal with this new setback.

In the meanwhile, Whitney should consider these Diamond Stores in New York for her next ring if she isn’t able to find the one lost.

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