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Muay Thai Glove Reviews – What Makes The Best Muay Thai Gloves?

Getting the best pair of Muay Thai gloves, especially when you’re a beginner, is not as easy as you think. These gloves are not as simple as foams that cover your hands. They can also affect how well you play and how much protection they offer to prevent your fingers from getting bruised and injured.

If you are a beginner and are looking for the best pair of Muay Thai gloves online, discover the factors you need to consider when looking for one in this blog.

Knowing the Difference Between Muay Thai and Boxing Gloves

Generally, the difference between boxing and Muay Thai gloves is minimal, but you need to be aware of it when you’re a beginner. Muay Thai gloves have equally distributed padding around the entire glove’s interior because they are also used to block kicks.

On the other hand, boxing gloves have paddings placed on the top where the knuckles are since there are no kicks to be anticipated in this sport. However, most professional Muay Thai athletes also enjoy training in boxing gloves since the differences are not that evident.

Leather Construction

Muay Thay gloves can be made with microfiber, synthetic, or real leather, and the best ones are those made with authentic leather. These gloves are more breathable, durable, and feel more comfortable on the hands than synthetic ones. However, you need to prepare your budget because real leather gloves can be expensive.

If you are on a budget, you can try to purchase microfiber leather gloves that also offer premium quality over synthetic ones but are cheaper than real leather Muay Thai gloves.

Size and Fit

Identifying what size you need depends on whether you’re a beginner, your weight, and the nature of your training. If you intend to learn to spar, you need bigger gloves, at least 16 oz, to better cushion your knuckles. Beginners of the sport should learn heavy pad work, bag work, and shadow boxing, and the appropriate glove sizes range between 12 to 14 oz.

Generally, most Muay Thai athletes own two types of gloves: one for sparring and the other for their normal Muay Thai training.


The closure styles of Muay Thai gloves are lace-up, or velcro (hook and loop), and both these styles are good. However, velcro closures are easier to close because you can do it alone compared to the lace-up closure, where you’ll need another person. It’s also more practical to use velcro gloves for your training and lace-up ones for competitions.

Design and Style

While the gloves’ style and design are not as essential compared to the other features mentioned, most athletes still think they are as important as the gloves’ function. Nowadays, traditional tribal and contemporary designs are common, with some brands sticking with their classic designs.


For some, their gloves’ design and style speak loudly of their personality and social standing.

The Best Muay Thai Gloves Depend On You

Your chosen gloves will help dictate how you play, so you must choose wisely. Consider the factors and tips we have mentioned, and purchase the best Muay Thai gloves that suit your skill levels, size, and preferences.


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