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Mountain lion spotted in Hayward Hills

Hayward, California (cron) — A mountain lion was spotted taking an early morning walk in Hayward’s neighborhood and was captured on camera in the area.

According to the homeowner who provided the ring camera footage, the puma was walking by his home at around 4:15 am on Wednesday. For the homeowner, finding this creature wasn’t a big surprise. For 20 years they have lived in the area and have reported seeing turkeys, coyotes, deer, raccoons and even wild boars, but this is the first time they have spotted a puma.

Cron on delivery

Big cats have been seen on Doble Avenue and Popus Place in Hayward Hills. Mountain Lion was a very polite passerby. In the video, the animal roams slowly along the pavement.

https://www.kron4.com/news/mountain-lion-spotted-in-east-bay-hills/ Mountain lion spotted in Hayward Hills

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