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Most Popular Real Estate Options in Arizona

After thorough research, buying or renting real estate is among the many decisions you need to make. Homeownership is much more challenging, especially if you are relocating to a new location.

If you have not been to Arizona before, you might be indifferent about the real estate options there. Also, you may end up misjudging a home, especially if it lacks layouts of creativity and a modern appearance. From luxury homes to bungalows and patio homes, the housing style in Arizona is extremely diverse.

Single Family Homes

You can find your dream single-family home in Arizona today if you want one. A single-family home is precisely a simple structure built on its land, therefore not shared with other people.

According to statistics done in October 2019, the total number of single-family homes in Maricopa County is over 1.283 million. Altogether, there are about 1.414 million single-family homes in both Maricopa and Pinal counties of Arizona.


  • You have your own space
  • Ends the problem of co-ownership
  • Your property has a higher value
  • You can renovate/expand your home.


  • A higher purchase price
  • The owner is responsible for exterior maintenance
  • You will pay housing taxe.


If you are moving to Arizona, you can look for real estate agents to help you invest in a good condominium for your permanent or second home. A condominium is an individual designated unit among numerous units in one building. A condo owner only owns the space inside the unit and shares property such as walls, sidewalks, staircases, and gates with other owners. The best condos for sale in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa, and Tempe have outdoor pools, balconies with views, a fitness center, reception, and modern amenities.


  • Less maintenance
  • Are cheap and affordable
  • You get to enjoy the city life
  • Increased security.


  • Condo fees
  • Lack of privacy
  • Less storage space.

Patio Homes

In Arizona, a patio is often used to describe a smaller type of real estate popularly purchased by either small families, single parents, youths, or old age. They are perfect for people who like having neighbors around. Patio homes are commonly referred to as garden homes because of their outdoor space. Ideal characteristics of patio homes in Arizona include; exterior spaces, decks, and long driveways.


  • Their size and design is perfect for people like the old who do not need stairs
  • Have smaller price tags
  • Requires less exterior maintenance
  • Perfect for people who need a community for company.


  • Lack of privacy
  • The outdoor spaces are small
  • Homeowners insurance concern.

Town Homes

Are you considering relocation? You can move to any townhome in any city in Arizona; there are so many apartments currently on the market. A townhome can technically be a condo or a single-family unit, only with multi-floors. They are a great option for people who enjoy living near towns and cities. Pros and cons of living in a townhome include:


  • Are less expensive
  • Requires less maintenance due to its small size
  • There are many amenities near townhomes
  • Access to outdoor space.


  • Can have restrictions
  • Townhomes are noisy
  • Multi-floor living may not be suitable.

Homes with a Pool

Do you need a home with an outdoor pool so you can swim before leaving for work? In Arizona, having a pool in your hotel, apartment or condo is almost necessary due to the warm climate.

Sometimes, especially during summer, the weather can become unbearably hot, and the only solution can be a pool of cold water. This is why almost everyone owns a pool in Arizona. For instance, there are many listings of homes in Phoenix with different pool types like the heated pool, infinity, backyard pool, and many more.


  • Good for physical and mental health
  • Makes your home beautiful.


  • High maintenance costs
  • Safety issues
  • Added insurance

Homes with No HOA

Not everyone wants a home with an HOA on their backs, warning them what they should do and what they should not do. There are so many homes with no HOA currently in some areas of Maricopa, Arizona. Most of these homes feature three-bedroom apartments, beautifully made bathrooms, modern appliances, and concrete floors and roofs.

Our choice for best area to buy a home with no HOA restrictions is Buckeye. No HOA homes for sale in Buckeye, AZ enjoy the added benefits of being in a smaller, more peaceful community while still having access to modern internet, shopping, and dining.


  • No more restrictions and covenants on exteriors and interior
  • No HOA fees
  • ┬áNo community rules.


  • No property ownership membership
  • Lots of bills.

Luxury Homes

There are so many gorgeous and luxurious real estates in Arizona. Exclusive listings of luxurious homes in Arizona have the following features; open floors triumph, technology, outdoor kitchen and pools, game and theatre rooms, spa bathrooms, exercise rooms, among others. You can find top, diverse and trendy homes in the communities of Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Paradise Valley. These desirable properties that cost over $500,000 have the following pros and cons;


  • Has a high resale value
  • Highly-customized amenities
  • Enhanced quality of life


  • High cost of ownership
  • Unpredictable loss of value

Styles of Real Estate Homes in Arizona

From the homes mentioned above in Arizona, you will notice that Phoenix offers different varieties of homes no matter your style and budget. You can find everything from bungalows, patio homes, condos, and single-family homes there. Also, real estate in Phoenix entails a wide array of styles like pueblo revival, ranch, Tudor revival, and Spanish mission. In addition to these unique styles, the assortment of real estate homes in Arizona is designed with unique architecture such as; contemporary and Mediterranean.

Peublo Revival

The pueblo revival style became popular in New Mexico and Arizona around the 20th Century. It is a type of architectural design that Pueblo Indians inspired. Most homes that have the Pueblo make have flat roofs with thick adobe walls. They are also accompanied by heavy wooden materials, square-like windows, and a courtyard which enhances indoor and outdoor living. Pueblo revival is one popular design in Phoenix that suits any budget.


Ranch-style homes usually have open L or U-shape designs. Arizona natives assume that ranch styled homes encourage a relaxed and stress-free lifestyle. The style was introduced in the 1920s, and most ranch homes often have; sunken living rooms landscapes with unique roof styles. If you want such a style for your home, visit Rancho Paloma and Mesa’s Dahlia Pointe for a wide collection of such homes.

Tudor Revival

Tudor Revival homes are common in the United States. Some of them can also be found in some parts of Phoenix. Signs to know a Tudor revival home is; a cozy appeal, stone hearths, dark woods, luminous stained glass windows, eye-catching entries, pitched roofs, and tall chimneys. This type of home design is the exact definition of English architecture; everything is modern.

Spanish Mission


Among the popular styles of homes in Phoenix and other parts of Arizona is the Spanish mission. The first type of home designed with a Spanish mission was built between 1890 and 1950. Noticeable characteristics of a Spanish mission style home include; an enclosed courtyard, adobe walls, roof pitches, and clay-tiled roofs. Even though this style is old, some suburb communities like Gilbert and Mesa still use it.


Contemporary housing attracts people who are environmentally friendly and love technology. Natives of Arizona have embraced this housing style because it provides advanced technological facilities. Houses designed with the contemporary style are simple and are made with lots of glass material to balance the landscapes in Arizona perfectly.


Bungalows became common in Arizona after the Arts and Crafts Movement of the 19th Century. This type of house is common for people who embrace the economical use of space and built-in furniture in their homes. Many new bungalow developments feature a common fireplace in the living room, symbolizing unity.

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