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Massive fire breaks out at Disneyland park

On Saturday night, a huge fire broke out at Disneyland, where a large number of people were enjoying the theme park.

Fantasmic! Night water and fireworks on the American River.

Citizen videos captured by park-goers show a giant flame completely engulfing what is believed to be Maleficent’s dragon prop on stage.

A heavy plume of black smoke billowed from the stage and was visible across the park.

The video showed cast members evacuating a packed crowd from the waterside viewing area while firefighters worked to put out the blaze.

A bystander outside the Disneyland Resort captured a line of fire trucks heading to the Anaheim theme park.

It is unknown what caused the large fire in the first place. No injuries have been reported so far, and the extent of damage from the fire was not immediately known.

https://ktla.com/news/local-news/massive-fire-breaks-out-at-disneyland-park/ Massive fire breaks out at Disneyland park

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