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Marin Offers Housing Vouchers to Richardson Bay Boat Residents

SAN RAFAEL, Calif. (KRON) — The Marin Housing Authority is one step closer to evicting dozens of boat dwellers in Richardson Bay from the water to land-based housing.

About 60 people live on boats and houseboats anchored in Richardson Bay, according to Marin County officials. Richardson’s Bay Regional Authority has been ordered to remove all residential vessels from anchorages by October 2026.

The inhabited boats are anchored in a shallow estuary on the gorgeous Marin County coast, across the bay from the Golden Gate Bridge. New Yorker magazine It described the community of boaters as “a motley crew – free spirits, artists, literal castaways, refugees from the high cost of living on land.” Richardson Bay has long been the epicenter of the bohemian and art scene in the Bay His area. It is here that Otis Redding wrote the first verse of “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay” while staying on his friend’s houseboat. ”

A state-funded voucher program will help relocate individuals living on boats in Richardson Bay to “stable long-term housing on the mainland,” Marin officials said. The program, which was approved at his MHA board meeting on Tuesday, will give the MHA access to his $3 million in funding secured by State Senator Mike McGuire.

“This funding deal offers people on the go a new path to stable living conditions.
Richardson Bay,” said MHA Commissioner Stephanie Moulton-Peters. “Like this stormy winter
Life on a boat has proven difficult, especially in protected areas.
water. With these vouchers you can find suitable housing opportunities for everyone. ”

As part of the deal, MHA will provide a local subsidized housing program.
Scattered site components of individuals currently living on water. Also manages MHA
Payment of housing assistance to local landlords to create new affordable housing.

“Like all Marin County residents, these individuals have the right to safety, health and safety.
housing opportunity,” said MHA Executive Director Kimberly Carroll. “We look forward to
We work with RBRA and other stakeholders to approach our plans respectfully and thoughtfully.
Remove everyone from the Richardson Bay anchorage. ”

The Richardson Bay dispute is one of many ongoing affordable housing battles in the San Francisco Bay Area. On Tuesday night, dozens of Atherton residents flocked to a city council meeting to express their anger and dismay at the city’s low-income housing plans.

Atherton is now home to Silicon Valley’s wealthiest elite and celebrities such as Golden Gate Warriors superstar Stephen Curry.

Callie and his wife wrote a letter Atherton City Council said: ”

The median home sale price listed in Atherton in 2021 was nearly $7.5 million. His one huge mansion currently on the market is listed for over $40 million.

By January 31, all California cities must comply with a state law requiring cities to submit housing component plans that include new low-income housing units.

https://www.kron4.com/news/bay-area/marin-offers-housing-vouchers-to-richardson-bay-boat-dwellers/ Marin Offers Housing Vouchers to Richardson Bay Boat Residents

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