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Make Your Home Sparkle in Style with a Crystal Vase

Finding the perfect vase for your house is all about making it feel like home. When you walk through the door, you want to be greeted with a vase that’s as attractive as it is functional. You want to be able to admire its beauty every day, and you want it to stand out in any room of your house. They come in a variety of styles – from modern to rustic – so they’ll fit any aesthetic perfectly.

Why a Crystal Vase?

They are beautifully designed, elegant, and look fabulous anywhere you put them. You can choose from a variety of shapes including tall, skinny, oval, and ovoid. However, there is also a wide range of sizes, shapes, and finishes. Why is a crystal vase such a good choice for your home? When you see a crystal vase, you’ll probably find it stunning. This is because it shows your aesthetic sense – that you appreciate beauty – and you want to have the most beautiful things in your home, including the vases that adorn your table.

How to Choose the Perfect Crystal Vase

Whether you’re looking for a vase that will complement your home decor, or you just want a decorative accessory for your kitchen, there’s no shortage of options. When it comes to choosing the perfect vase, a lot will depend on what you will use it for. Some are tall to accommodate long-stemmed flowers like roses, and some are short and round for small flower bouquets, glass beads, candy, etc.

Ways to Decorate with Crystal Vases!

Want to personalize your vase but don’t know how? There are tons of ways you can personalize your crystal vase, depending on the style you prefer. What can you put in crystal vases?

  • Glass beads
  • River rocks
  • Pebbles
  • Leaves
  • Acorns
  • Pinecones
  • Seashells
  • Colored Sand
  • Candles
  • Candy
  • Coins

Display Your Fresh-Cut Flowers

One of the most common uses for crystal vases is to hold fresh flowers. If you have flowers in your garden, cut the stems close to the length of your vase. Tall flowers should sit just above the neck of the vase to look beautiful and stylish. A tall, ornate crystal vase would be best for this use.

Display Them on Your Mantle or Fireplace for Special Occasions

You can use crystal vases for any occasion, such as Easter, Mother’s Day, and any time you want to show off your beautiful home. It’s a nice way to bring a touch of whimsy into the home, as well as a subtle touch of glamour. Whether you’re displaying a floral arrangement or a bunch of cacti, a crystal vase on a mantel will make a sophisticated statement.

When shopping for a crystal vase, you want to make sure you are selecting high-quality pieces. Glassware made from the quality crystal will last longer and really sparkle! You can find a wide variety of elegant crystal vases at ShopHQ.com.  ShopHQ is an online shopping website focused on deals.  Here are just a few examples of elegant crystal vases found on their website that will elevate the everyday!

Waterford Crystal Welcome 7″ Vase

The Waterford vase in this segment is simple and beautiful. The size is just perfect for small bouquets, and for other small items as a display container.  The 7” vase also makes the perfect gift for Christmas, Mother’s Day or birthday celebrations.

Waterford Crystal Curraghmore 10″ Hand-Finished Vase

The House of Curraghmore vase is made from hand-finished crystal, and perfect for multiple uses. This is good to display in places that get plenty of sunlight. The light filtering in through the glass creates lovely prisms. This vase is the perfect size to use for displaying small treasures, beads, stones, or Christmas candies.

Waterford Crystal 12″ Chelsea Vase

This 12” vase is perfect for tall flowers.This beautiful, decorative flower vase can accommodate flowers with long stems like roses, cattails, and other long-stemmed plants. The vase is etched with a lovely pattern of layers.

Waterford Crystal is timeless and elegant, due to its intricate designs and quality craftsmanship. It undergoes a process which is complex and labor-intensive to enable the glass to be carved into the beautiful designs that is the signature mark of Waterford Crystal. The beautiful patterns, clear opulence, and 33% lead quantity is what makes it so special and adds to its value.

These three items are sure to be a part of your home decor for years to come. Pick any one or two and plan to add them to your cart as soon as possible. For more ideas on decorating with crystal, visit the ShopHQ.com Waterford Crystal page.

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