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Major global companies that accept cryptocurrencies now!

Nowadays the use of cryptocurrency is slowly creeping into becoming a part of our standard daily lives. Not only has it reached a worldwide popularity, but it’s also being utilized more and more as real money as time passes. Many companies are introducing ways to use crypto to pay for their services or buy their products, and this is both an advantage for the consumer, who will have the ability to buy whatever they need anonymously, and with payments that arrive instantly.

Major global companies that accept cryptocurrencies now!

On the other side of the business, the companies that utilize cryptocurrency can gain a lot more trust from their clients interpreting blockchain technology (learn more at insidebitcoins), while also attracting the attention of crypto holders, due to making it a lot more convenient for them to utilize their services. Here’s a list of the world’s biggest companies that are now accepting and utilizing the powerful upcoming world of cryptocurrency;


Starting with the obvious, the company which is owned by the man who might possibly be the most familiar face in the world of crypto, Elon Musk’s Tesla. A few months ago in February, it was said by Tesla themselves that they had just bought around one and a half billion dollars worth of bitcoin. In the same announcement, they had stated that bitcoin would start to be accepted as a way to purchase their famous electric vehicles.


It was only a matter of time before one of the most payment-oriented global companies dipped its toes into the world of crypto. At Paypal, where it’s all about online payments, having been on board since 2014, they were one of the pioneering major companies to have gotten into the crypto scene. The main reason behind their move was to attract businesses, as back then it was still seen as an ungoverned currency and required no tax whatsoever, which made it incredibly attractive for investors.


Microsoft is always first in line when it comes to utilizing futuristic innovative technologies that have the potential to change the world. They were only beaten by Paypal, who had gotten in just a few months before they got into the crypto market. Since then, they have accepted crypto as payment for apps, games and numerous other digital content which is accessible on their flagship devices; such as Windows Operating System on PC’s and phones, and also in the XBox market. Back when they had started it was a bold move since crypto in itself was relatively new, which means it was an irresistible target for hackers, frauds and whatnot, but not to worry, it’s more than safe now.


We’ve all heard of or seen the major streaming platform that’s drowning with all kinds of entertainment, ranging from musicians to gamers. Since there’s paid content and donations involved on twitch.tv, they thought it would be ideal to start accepting crypto transfers, and they went all the way, considering you can now make twitch payments using not only bitcoin, but also XRP, Ethereum, BTC Cash, BUSD, PAX, USDC, and more!

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