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Logan Paul takes up WWE

 The YouTube star has been involved in various fights recently and has been rumoured to fight some big named stars, so it has come as a surprise to some that he has stepped into the WWE arena for the first time. Many gamblers around the world had been placing bets on him to fight Conor McGregor with casino non aams offering different markets on this as well as entertainment to keep fans occupied whilst watching the different fights that have been taking place.

The Paul brothers

 Logan and Jake Paul are two brothers from the USA who have established millions of followers across their different social media platforms that they have become famous on. The paid first started to become famous on YouTube amongst other social media platforms with them creating video pranks on each other and friends which quickly got them noticed across the internet.

The pair have recently had fights against famous people with Mayweather having a boxing match against one and the other has had a boxing match with another social media star called KSI who is from the UK. The pair have since been known to call out a lot of famous fighters with McGregor being one on the list that has been called out to fight the pair after a few social media arguments and comments thrown each other way on Twitter.

Why WWE?

 Paul has made a few appearances for the WWE smackdown in the last year and is now set to try and make a name for himself on the road to wrestle mania 38. Logan’s social media fans and followers are unsure of his next business adventure due to him not having any wrestling experience before so it will be interesting to see just exactly how he gets on with this new venture.

Paul has already tried out boxing and MMA fights and has now set his sights on becoming a champion amongst the WWE superstars. It will be interesting to see how Logan gets on with wrestling with him hitting the gym and dieting hard to ensure that he is in the best shape possible when it comes to him being tagged in to take place in the ring.

With the above information, there should be a clearer understanding of Logan Paul and why he has set his sights on the WWE and what there is to expect from him once he does take part.


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