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Local Moving Tips: What Is The Best Time for Moving to a New Home?

When we deal with clients here at californiamoversusa.com, we do our best to accommodate their preferred moving date and time. This is because your choice of moving date is more than just the date for your actual move – it can also affect your moving costs and determine whether your move is stress-free or chaotic.

Many clients think that this isn’t a big deal, especially for local moves, which may take only a few hours away from your time. However, moving is not just about the time it takes for your items to arrive from your old home to your new destination. This also includes the weeks of prep time and the numerous adjustments you have to make in your lives.

If you haven’t decided on a moving date yet, here are some factors you need to consider when booking your much-awaited moving date.

The Best Time To Move If You’re On A Budget

When it comes to moving, regardless of whether it is a local or long-distance move, the first thing on a client’s mind is always the budget. Moving can get pretty expensive, even if you’re only moving to another part of the city. This is why clients look for ways they can cut down on moving expenses.

Do you know that your choice of moving date can also save you a lot of money? This article can aslo answer all your questions and give actual tips for your move. The moving industry has peaks and off-seasons. During the peak season, demand for moving services is high, and booking a slot during the busiest times of the year can mean higher moving costs. So if you want to save money on your local move, the best way to do it is to book your move during the off-season.

For the moving industry, most moves happen during summer because this is when families book their moves. Early spring and early fall are also quite busy for movers because this is usually when college students move out of their homes and into dorms. If you want to save money on moving costs, consider moving anytime from the middle of September to April, during the middle of the week. This is when movers are usually the most available.

The Most Convenient Time To Move

What if budget is not an issue for you? What if you’re willing to spend more money as long as you can move peacefully and without much hassle?

Convenience can be interpreted to mean a lot of things. It could mean that you want your moving date to not interfere with your work or your kids’ school life. If this is the case, summer is the best time to move because you don’t have to pull your kids out of their classes just to move homes. They also don’t need to transfer to a different school in the middle of the school year.

When it comes to working, the best time to move will depend on the nature of your work. You can schedule your moving date when the workload is low or if there are no crucial projects coming up.

If convenience for you means a hassle-free moving experience, the best time to move would be in the early morning. The weather is cool during the early mornings, and there is no traffic. This means that commuting from your old home to your new one would be quick and you don’t have to worry about traffic.

For this same reason, moving during fall and spring are possible times too. Summer can get too hot, and nobody wants to be stuck in traffic under the sweltering heat of the sun. Winter can also get too cold, and moving during the winter season may prove to be very uncomfortable for elderly folks. The temperatures during fall and spring are just enough to provide a comfortable moving experience, not only for you but for your movers as well.

If your definition of convenient is not having to worry about running out of moving slots, even if you call a few days before your intended moving date, then the best time to move would be during the off-season. Weekends and summer months are hectic times for movers, so you might not get your preferred moving date if you don’t book it at least two months in advance. If you book your move between September to April, it’s easy to find an available slot during the weekdays, even if you call in a couple of days before your moving date.

The Best Time To Buy or Sell a House

In many cases, moves happen because someone has sold their old house and is moving into a newly bought one. This is why house sales are closely related to ideal moving times and dates. Of course, you’d want to move shortly after you sell your house or purchase a new one, so let’s get into the best times to buy or sell a home.

Summer is usually the best time to sell a house. Demand for housing is highest during the summertime because families usually move homes during the summer to prevent clashing with school activities. Families typically start looking for homes from late spring to early summer, so if you want to sell your house for a high price, this is the best time to do it.

When it comes to buying a home, the best time to buy one is during autumn. School has just started, so nobody wants to uproot their entire family during this time. People looking to sell their homes quickly usually have no choice but to lower their prices, so it isn’t uncommon to find great deals during the fall.

If you want your move to coincide with your new home purchase, this means that the best time to move would be in late fall to early winter. Remember that nobody wants to move during the winter because of several reasons:

  • The school year has already started
  • The weather isn’t move-friendly
  • It’s the Christmas season. People want to relax and celebrate, not deal with the stress of moving.

For this reason, winter can be a great time to purchase a house. Because house buyers during winter are rare, sellers are more likely to negotiate and give you a great deal. Because this is also considered the off-season for movers, you can also catch a great deal on moving fees. Many moving companies also offer Christmas discounts and promotions, so this is a great time to move if you don’t mind the cold.

How Important is Your Moving Date?

Depending on your preferred moving date, you can save a lot of money, not only on moving costs but on your new home as well. This is why it’s crucial to plan your move ahead of time and settle on a date that fits your preferences, schedule, and budget. It’s also equally important to start looking into local moving companies as soon as you find a suitable date. Nothing’s worse than finding a perfect date for your move, only to find that the majority of moving companies are already booked on that date.


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