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LeBron becomes NBA’s second all-time leading scorer

The Los Angeles Lakers player passed Karl Malone in NBA’s best scoring leaders list. Next season he may become the best scoring leader in the entire league history.

Before the season began, experts considered the Lakers to be among the favorites of the NBA champion’s title. Now it is hard to believe LeBron James and his club will win the fifth title in this championship tournament. Analysts of bookmaking companies which hold leading positions in the ratings at https://bookmaker-ratings.com evaluate the odds of Lakers winning at 45, which equals 2.2% probability.

However, James does not give up and continues improving his personal statistics. He has already passed Karl Malone on the list of NBA scoring leaders, only the famous Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is ahead of him.

LeBron has scored almost 37,000 points, the legend has 38,387. Abdul-Jabbar’s record may not last very long, as the difference is very small.

Kareem played until he was 42 and spent 1560 matches on the floor. The former center is second on the NBA games played leaders list (only Robert Parish played more, 1611). LeBron has played a little bit more than 1360 games. James is not planning to finish his career, thus the NBA leading scorer title is just a step ahead for him.

The King himself tries not to think about achievements. He strives to play basketball the same way he has done all these years: at ease, with technical skill and good quality. Then good results follow along with records.

James is having another problem. His club is number ten on the Western Conference tournament table. The Lakers will have to try really hard to keep their position in the play-in. The team is clearly going through hard times.

It must be noted that LeBron has been showing outstanding statitics in the latest matches. He scores 35.4 points, 8.9 rebounds and 5.9% passes per game on average. At that, he spends 37 minutes on the floor. No one else among the Lakers has such results. Of course, this does not really change the percentage of team winnings, but the problem is not LeBron, who tries his best at every match.

All the drawbacks of the current Lakers lineup started to show as early as at its formation stage. James is finding it hard to hold it together, he is regularly snapping at his teammates, telling them off for bad playing. The King told reporters that this season his patience is being seriously tested. At that, emotions do not get in the way of James’s great performance during every match. It is not the team achevements that motivate LeBron (the club is not winning), but his personal records which inspire the forward not to lose his pace.

Whatever outcome awaits the Lakers this season, the King can already assume that for him personally it has been a successful season. We do not know what the following basketball year is going to be like. But we can state that it will not take much for James to beat Abdul-Jabbar’s record, if serious injuries do not get in the way.

Now it is not difficult for him to score points, despite external pressure and the team’s misfortunes. This shows his maturity and supreme experience. The King is firmly aiming to become part of the world history of basketball. It seems that nothing can stop him on his way. His fans will continue to watch in awe after their idol’s glorious performance.


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