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Learn how to Hack a phone with only 3 simple programs

If you are looking for a way to hack a phone, this is the best method out there without touching it click here. They range from easy, free to difficult and expensive software to bypass phone security. There are also ways that don’t even require rooting the device in order to get into it. The most important thing is to be careful when choosing which method to use. Not all hacks work on every phone model so it’s best not to waste time hacking an iPhone with Android software, or vice versa.

If you’re still unsure about what method will work best for you, this article will describe the right steps to take to hack a phone.

How to Hack a Mobile Phone Without Any Software

Hacking a mobile phone without any software is possible with just a little know-how. Here are the steps you need to take in order to hack your friends, spouse or family’s phones!

In order to access the information on an iPhone, you will need to input the password of the user credentials. Doing this will give you access to all of their data and photos which can be downloaded onto another device.

For Android, you need to install a spy app on a device to have access remotely. You will gain access into the target device to read messages, chat, view pictures and more.

What is hacking and how does it work

The term hacking is often used to describe the act of breaking into a computer system or network without authorization. However, it can also refer to any creative or innovative work undertaken on something in order to make improvements. Hacking does not necessarily have malicious intent and can be done for legal reasons as well as illegal ones.

Hacking often refers to the hacking of mobile devices, such as phones and tablets, which are constantly coming out with new features that people try to add or alter for their own purposes. Some apps that can be downloaded from third party websites have been found to contain viruses capable of tracking your personal information and any private data on your phone. iPhone application developers have created programs designed to help you protect yourself from these types of attacks.

3 Ultimate Best Software to Hack a Phone

There are a lot of apps for hacking a phone. You can find more than 60 different spy applications on the internet, but not all will work and some may infect you with malware instead! The best app at this moment in time? Here they are:

Ultimate Phone Spy

This program operates quietly without collecting any personal information or sending out spam texts to friends as other hacking tools often do. This app will enable you to monitor all phone activities, e.g. social networks and SMS messages. It also lets you view the photos on the phone and camera remotely in real time.

Here are a few other features of the Ultimate Phone Spy that can help you monitor someone else’s phone.

  • Location tracker
  • Message monitoring
  • Geo-fencing
  • Call logs and recordings
  • Keylogging
  • Social media monitoring
  • Gallery access
  • Email monitoring

Nova Spy App

With this software, you can easily monitor your kid’s or employee’s activity in real time and read their text messages secretly without them knowing it is happening!

This application does not need root access in order to work, so it cannot be detected by antivirus programs that run on most operating systems (Android/IOS/Windows). Take note that this app doesn’t send spam texts like other applications do. Instead, it works quietly which makes it more suitable for stealthy use.


This app doesn’t need to be installed so it cannot be detected by antivirus programs. You can also view all data online using a web browser which makes it easier for you to monitor multiple devices using one account. This is the least expensive service available today.* Mobistealth – With just $30 per month, you will gain access to all of your spouse’s SMS messages, emails and location information.

How to hack a phone with just a phone number?

As the world becomes more and more digital, we are all becoming increasingly reliant on our phones. Our smartphones have become an extension of ourselves – they hold our photos, messages from friends and family, contacts, notes etc., as well as being an access point to social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. In addition to this they can be used for online banking which means that information stored in them is extremely sensitive. So, what do you do when you need to hack a phone number easily?

iPhone credential is whas is needed to hack a phone. Especially if you can’t use the device. There are specific types of hack you can try.

Alternative method to hack a phone

This is the best alternative to hack someone’s phone without touching it. This is the most advanced method to gain access.


A rather popular method, phishing is an art of the part. Phishing refers to the practice of impersonating someone that you’re not! Now that might sound creepy, but it is a great help if you’re trying to get a person’s credentials.

If you’re looking for iCloud or Google account details and cannot find any information whatsoever, phishing might be an excellent option for you.

Through the process of phishing, you will send a link to the target’s device. This link can be anything and everything, even a short review of a product. This page might look real but is a built-up fake copy of the original one.

The target will enter their details as a part of the process, and boom! You get all the details you need. You can try to send this link via mail since that would look more authentic, and the user will be more likely to fill it up!

how to hack a cell phone remotely

 There are many types of hackers, but most of them can be divided into two main groups: white and black. Below you’ll see the differences between them, what they do and how they act!

White hat hackers (ethical)

These types of hackers are usually hired by big corporations to find any bugs in their software/programs. They often find new vulnerabilities in existing code, but instead of selling the information to cyber-criminals or using them for their own needs, they report them to the developers of these software/programs so that they can get fixed.

Black hat hackers (unethical)

These types of hackers are estimated to account for more than 70% of all hackers. They use their knowledge in different ways, including breaking into computers/devices without permission, stealing sensitive data like credit card numbers, passwords etc., or using them for personal gain (buying things online etc.) with stolen credit cards.

Shady guys looking out over their investments with an eye on your computer activity when browsing online banking sites etc., which one might not know much about! The last section talks about why people hack at all (maybe not just because they want access + info!), introduces some sites where I found more information related to hacking and finishes with a bit of interesting history.

How to hack android phone by sending a link

What’s the best way to hack a phone? Send them a link! Using advanced techniques to hack an Android phone by sending them a link.

Have you ever felt tempted to dig into someone else’s iPhone without letting them know? We get it; it’s only natural to be curious. However, hacking an iPhone can get complicated without the right tools. Things such as jailbreaking enter the picture and make your job challenging.

Luckily, though, nowadays, there are plenty of software applications that allow you to hack into iCloud remotely, without any jailbreak requirements. Such applications are quite helpful since essentially everything on an iPhone is backed up on the iCloud.

How to hack a phone lock code

Do you want to be able to unlock your phone without a password? Ultimate phone spy is perfect for spying on text messages, images, videos and conversations in social networks. Ultimate phone spy cannot be detected by any antivirus or antispyware.

Are you suspicious that your partner is cheating on you? There are many ways to spy on a phone without touching it. You can use applications that allow spying over the internet or other software that can be installed directly into an android phone.

How to hack a phone to view text messages and videosTi

This app allows you to monitor incoming and outgoing calls, SMS messages, GPS location and browser activity. Nova spy is the best tool to hack a phone remotely.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, spying on someone’s phone becomes the last resort. So, to help you in this, there are various spying apps in the market.

These apps allow you to track the desired person’s text history and social media app usage. The best part is such apps operate in a concealed manner and are untraceable. You will be able to spy without the other person knowing effortlessly.

Nova Spy App is one of the leading competitors in this market. If you want to clone a phone or check text messages, this app should be your go-to.


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