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Kevin McCarthy Admits Far Right in Speakership Poll

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McCarthy makes concessions to his far-right colleagues and nudges toward victory

Kevin McCarthy approaching the speakership It has eluded him all week, gaining quite a few votes on Friday after making a series of concessions to the Far Right.

In the 12th Congressional ballot, Bakersfield Republicans received 213 votes. On the 13th ballot, he received his 214 votes. Congressman Andy Harris, R-Md. switched votes. Seven Republicans opposed Friday’s first bid, down from 20 or 21 who had opposed him all week, and six opposed the second ballot.

Concessions will be needed to win new supporters, and many warned that they would make it difficult for the House to run smoothly.

“It’s sad that they are sabotaging their party.” Congressman David Baradao, R-Hanford said on Tuesday. New members saw nothing but confusion.

“We knew this was waiting for us, but we don’t know how long yet. Congressman John Duarte, Modesto Republican said on Thursday. “We’re all doing the best we can, but I want to get down to the real work.”

NEWSOM takes office swing at Destantis in March, CAGOP reacts

On the second anniversary of the January 6 riots at the United States Capitol, Gavin Newsom Marched to the California State Capitol To deliver an inaugural address praising California’s freedom and the state’s resistance to forces trying to “take the country back.”

Newsom accused leaders in red states like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis He painted California as a progressive fort.

“It makes it harder to vote, easier to buy illegal guns. even do,” he said of conservative leaders like DeSantis. “Everyone camouflaged themselves by hijacking the word ‘freedom’.”

Republican leaders in California jumped at the chance to speak out against the governor and question his progress in his second term.

“If Gavin Newsom’s first four years as governor are any indication of what’s to come, Californians will have a rocky road ahead,” said California Republican chairman. Jessica Milan Patterson said in a statement.

“Whether preaching the red states, planning a laughable White House campaign, or circulating on cable news, the only lesson he’s really teaching the public is to take your state the wrong way. It is a way to move to

Report: Suspended Union President, Intimidated Staff, Stolen Documents

independent investigators Richard Lewis Brown It threatened employees, improperly suspended other elected officials, and stole documents from the largest civil service union in the California government. An investigator’s report obtained by The Sacramento Bee is the latest setback for SEIU Local 1000 leader Brown.

Brown could be removed from his role as union president and steward with immediate effect after the investigation found sufficient evidence to support 12 allegations of wrongdoing. recommended that they be barred from running for public office until

The union’s 65 board members will vote on the recommendations at a closed-door meeting on Saturday. Her two-thirds majority of current and voting members are required to approve disciplinary action.

quote of the day

“We look so incompetent that we can’t do the perfunctory task of completing the speakership.”

– Congressman Doug Lamalfa Suckby

Best of the B:

  • more black families move placer county suburbsThey’re still a minority at 2% of the population, but the 2020 Census showed the number of African-American households growing rapidly in several cities. In Rocklin, the number of black residents he increased by 48%. Roseville he increased by 64%. Lincoln (39%) and Granite Bay (34%) also saw growth.via Sausan Moller

  • Sacramento Unified School District Does not impose indoor mask requirements As students return from winter break next week, officials confirmed on Friday morning that the number of local coronavirus cases had dropped recently. Michael McGuff.

  • With a 2016 law requiring farm employers to pay overtime in California going into effect in 2023, farm workers and employers alike said: policy is paying themFarm workers have largely not been paid overtime since the new law was passed, resulting in reduced working hours and take-home wages, making it difficult to cover basic living expenses such as food and rent. He says it’s getting harder. Melissa Montalvo.

Jenavieve Hatch is a political reporter for the Sacramento Beads Capitol Bureau. She is a graduate of her UC Davis Creative Writing MFA program and previously she worked as a political corporate reporter at HuffPost.

https://www.sacbee.com/news/california/article270872627.html Kevin McCarthy Admits Far Right in Speakership Poll

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