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Kershaw disagrees with Dodgers’ decision to bring gay ‘nuns’ group back to Pride Night Awards – Daily News

LOS ANGELES — Clayton Kershaw said he disagrees with the Dodgers’ decision to host a satirical LGBTQ+ group called the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence for their annual Pride Night.

car show told the Los Angeles Times On Monday, the Dodgers rushed to announce that the team would bring back Christian Faith and Family Day later this season, following the team’s decision to pay tribute to the group after withdrawing its original invitation. It is said that he sounded out.

“I think we were going to have a Christian Day of Faith this year, but I think the timing of the announcement was sped up,” Kershaw said. “Part of it was picking dates and doing different things. Yes, it was in response to[Dodgers’]sisters’ emphasis on perpetual indulgence.”

Kershaw announces via Twitter last Friday Christian Faith and Family Day will take place on July 30, when the Dodgers take on the Cincinnati Reds. The Dodgers last hosted it in 2019.

Kershaw, who has been with the organization since it was drafted in 2006, said his problem wasn’t with the LGBTQ+ community, but with the Sisters. The three-time Cy Young Award winner also added that the Dodgers will not boycott the San Francisco Giants’ Pride Night on June 16.

“This has nothing to do with the LGBTQ community or pride or anything like that,” said Kershaw, who held a players-only meeting at the clubhouse before Monday’s game. “This is just a group making fun of religion and I disagree.”

Other Dodgers who were present at the players-only meeting declined to comment.

of The Dodgers withdrew their original invitation to the Sisters on May 17. After receiving backlash from some conservative Roman Catholics and politicians, including Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, who accused the group of mocking nuns and Christian faith,

However, the Dodgers’ decision sparked backlash from LGBTQ+ groups across the country, with some deciding to pull out of Pride Nights.of The Dodgers overturned the decision Five days later, they welcomed their return.

The Sisters, a group of mostly men dressed as nuns, is a philanthropic, protest, and performance group founded in San Francisco in 1979. The Los Angeles chapter receives the Community Hero Award.

The group denied being anti-Catholic. “Using humor and irreverent wit to expose the forces of prejudice, complacency and guilt that bind the human psyche,” the group said on its website.

Washington Nationals pitcher Trevor Williams, who started at Dodger Stadium on Monday, also criticized the Dodgers. Post a statement on Twitter He said he was “very upset” with the decision.

The Nationals face the Dodgers in Los Angeles this week.

“Inviting and honoring an organization that blatantly and extremely aggressively mocks my religion, and the religion of more than four million people in Los Angeles County alone, is a value of respect and inclusiveness that any organization should uphold. It spoils the look,” Williams said. wrote to his more than 43,000 followers on his own account.

“It is counterproductive and wrong to create an environment in which one group feels celebrated and honored at the expense of another group. Or it is a clear violation of the Dodgers’ discrimination policy, which states that conduct or dress on the ballpark that is viewed as prejudiced will not be tolerated.”

Pride Nights has caused some division in the sports world in recent years. Last season, five Tampa Bay Rays pitchers refused to wear their Pride jerseys because of their Christian faith.

Also on Tuesday, Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Anthony Bass apologized for expressing support for Target and Bud Light’s anti-LGBTQ+ boycott on social media.

During the recent NHL regular season, seven players refused to wear rainbow jerseys at their team’s pride night. The Chicago Blackhawks, New York Rangers and Minnesota Wild wore rainbow warm-up jerseys last season but have not since.

Staff writer JP Hoornstra contributed to this story.

https://www.dailynews.com/2023/05/30/kershaw-disagrees-with-dodgers-decision-to-reinstate-gay-nun-group-for-pride-night-award/ Kershaw disagrees with Dodgers’ decision to bring gay ‘nuns’ group back to Pride Night Awards – Daily News

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