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Jim Cramer’s ETF Now Exists, But Probably Not The Way He Wanted It

Fans of CNBC’s Mad Money can choose to bet for or against the recommendations made on the show.

Investors now have a way to bet for or against the stock Jim Cramer talks about on CNBC’s Mad Money.

Two new Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) launched on March 2nd. One is the Inverse Cramer Tracker ETF (Sim), and the Long Cramer Tracker ETF (L Gym).

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The funding was introduced by Matthew Tuttle, CEO of Tuttle Capital Management. He is also the managing manager of the AXS Short Innovation Daily ETF. (Sark) Providing investors with the means to bet on the ARK Innovation ETF, the flagship of Kathy Wood’s ARK Invest (arc)- Get Free Report.

“The Inverse Cramer Tracker ETF aims to provide investment results that are nearly the opposite of those recommended by TV personality Jim Cramer. website Say.

Other ETFs do just the opposite.

“The Long Crammer Tracker ETF seeks to provide investment results that generally track the results of investments recommended by television personality Jim Cramer, before fees and expenses.” website.

Tuttle spoke about reverse strategies on Bloomberg’s Trillions podcast.

“If he specifically says buy, buy, buy a stock, the next real moment, short the stock.” tuttle said“If he tells you he hates stocks or sells, sells, sells, or anything like that, we’re going to long that name again with the next kind of practical entry point.

After news of the planned ETF broke in October 2022, Kramer said that “they would have bet against some of the most successful companies in U.S. history.” He said he welcomes those who oppose

A CNBC spokesperson explained Kramer’s mission.

“Jim’s mission has always been to encourage long-term investing and balanced portfolios that include index funds and individual stocks,” a CNBC spokesperson said. bloomberg“He views Mad Money as his classroom and believes that educating those who want to pick individual stocks through insight and experience is the best way to help them manage their finances.” .”

Tuttle said the fund’s name is subject to discussions with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Originally to be called the Inverse Crammer ETF and the Long Crammer ETF, the term “tracker” was added at the SEC’s request.

“If an ETF has someone’s name in it, but that person is not actually involved in its operation, I would argue that he is involved, but not by choice. It’s a problem,’ said Tuttle. bloomberg“I prefer Tracker.”

Editor’s Note: Jim Cramer was the founder and longtime columnist of TheStreet.com. He will leave the company in late 2021.

https://www.thestreet.com/stocks/jim-cramer-etfs-now-exist-but-probably-not-the-way-hed-want Jim Cramer’s ETF Now Exists, But Probably Not The Way He Wanted It

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