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Jen Shah Doubles Down on Innocence: Maybe Stuart is Guilty, But I’m Not!

The real housewives of Salt Lake City was shown in Part 3 of Reunion Special on Sunday night.

Throughout the season, Jen Shah’s intense legal problems have been a hot topic of discussion – and a source of pain for his family.

Sitting down with her actresses (but not Mary) and Andy, Jen Shah opened about her accusations and experience.

Unlike all of his alleged conspirators, Jen does not make his claim “guilty.”

There were some aspects of his case that Jen couldn’t discuss for obvious reasons.

He cannot discuss his defense strategy. He can’t get to know what he would say to his former assistant.

But what Jen was able to tell Andy Cohen and his co-actors and the audience was his position.

Jen Shah admits season 2


“I’m fighting this. I’m innocent,” Jen insisted in Reunion.

“And I fight for every person who can’t fight for themselves,” he claimed.

“Because they don’t have the resources or the means,” Jen continued, “so they’re not fighting.”

Jen Shah follows the change at the end of the table

“I’m going to fight because No. 1, I’m innocent,” Jen continued.

“And No. 2, I’m going to represent all the other people,” he added.

Jen described his defense on behalf of those “who cannot fight and have not been able to.”

Jen Shah did not have to be here for this


Apparently not everyone has been a Team Jen this season, and that’s understandable.

In addition to many personal problems, many of his actor buddies have hinted (or directly said) that they suspect he is guilty of the charge.

However, that does not mean that no one would give him spiritual support.

Jen Shah 12

“I love the yen. I don’t care if he’s guilty or not,” Heather Gay announced.

“I believe in him too. And I want the best for him and his family, and I’m in court every day and I fight for him,” he continued.

“He’s in the fight for his life,” Heather admitted. “We got your back. We love you.”

Interview with Jen Shah


Jen denied guilt in the federal charges against him.

He is charged with conspiracy to launder money and conspiracy to launder money.

As we recently reported, Jen got another test day July instead of March 2022.

Jen Shah wants to make one thing clear


Stuart Smith, of course, commuted his innocence in November 2021 and pleaded guilty to three charges against him.

Conspiracy in telemarketing, money laundering conspiracy and obstruction of authority.

There is widespread speculation that the number of culprits involved in this case is very bad for Jen.

Jen Shah defends himself loudly


Jen described the whole experience as “destructive,” but added a positive round.

“You’re stronger than you think you are,” he remarked.

“If you survive the impact of the first news or go through anything,” Jen advised, “you’re fine.”

Jen Shah makes an AIDS joke with very bad taste

Jen confirmed that despite the trauma of the situation, she felt that at some point her family was getting closer.

He also acknowledged the horror that law enforcement was holding his son in the gun even though he had not been charged.

Whatever viewers think of the Yen, we all know how easily that situation could have turned into a tragedy. No one should go through it.

Jen Shah Doubles Down on Innocence: Maybe Stuart is Guilty, But I’m Not! Source link Jen Shah Doubles Down on Innocence: Maybe Stuart is Guilty, But I’m Not!

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