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It looks like an empty California desert, but it’s slojamastan

On the right side of the road, Sulojamastan’s infrastructure includes a postbox and a border crossing kiosk in the background.

Having achieved his life goal of visiting countries around the world, the San Diego man moved on to his next project. He created his own country in the California desert.

At Randy Williams’ office. (Ministry of Communications, Republic of Sulojamastan)

Late night radio DJ Randy Williams is currently Sulojamastan, 11.07 acres of ‘micronation’ west of the Salton Sea.

The idea came to Williams as he neared his goal of visiting all 193 approved countries in the world. (He won his last match against Turkmenistan just last month.)

He is visiting very small countries around the world and in August 2021, Republic of MolossiaAn 11.3-acre microstate in Nevada that declared independence from the United States in 1998. During President Kevin Boe’s personal trip, Williams learned about the ongoing war between the Republic of Molossia and the now-defunct East Germany and what the locals were like. The currency (Valora) was backed with chocolate chip cookie dough instead of gold, and his passport was stamped.

Upon returning to his hometown of San Diego, Williams immediately began making grand plans for his own micronation. In October 2021, he purchased the land for $19,000. On December 1 of the same year, the official withdrawal from the United States was broadcast live from his field office in Dubrandia, the capital of the United Territory of the sovereign People’s Republic of Sulojamastan.

Eighteen months later, the republic has all the ingredients of a nascent nation-state. issue its own passport, print its own currency (“double”), national anthem It is played at national events. Its flag depicts the national animal, a raccoon with a battleaxe in what looks like a flaming cage.

The Republic of Sulojamastan claims to have more than 500 registered citizens, but another 4,500 are said to have been conditionally approved or are queuing for citizenship.

Williams’ self-declared country lies north of Highway 78, about a two-hour drive from San Diego. There is also a huge ‘Welcome to Suloja Mastan’ sign by the highway, and a border checkpoint with security kiosks.

“We are a dictatorship most of the time,” Williams said. “In some cases, we also hold special voting ceremonies and referenda. I did.” (Maraschino Cherry, Red Rover, Slowjamas Stanley)

Williams likes to be photographed and make public speeches in a green Sultanate uniform with military medals, gold epaulettes and tinted sunglasses. He hired “border guards” when hosting events in the Republic of Sullojamastan, surrounded himself with “guards” and listed a list of prohibitions that all citizens and visitors must follow to avoid deportation. is forcing Now these prohibitions include crocs, mumble wraps, people who put their feet on the dashboard, and not understanding the difference between “you” and “you.”

People can apply for citizenship and ministerial posts through Slowjamastan’s website, which has proven to be very popular. He is now opening his borders to tourists as well.

His next grand plan is to have enough money to build “a lazy river, an armadillo farm, an all-you-can-eat Mongolian BBQ facility, and of course, a giant statue/monument of the Great Leader (I).” is to collect

Williams is working to build diplomatic ties with other countries and said recent trips have had passports stamped in 16 countries, including South Africa, New Zealand, Vanuatu and the United States.

The next step is to get the Sultan to allow the Micronations to leave the United States, which may be a little too much for Williams.

“It is a little frustrating to admit that all of our messages have gone unread despite emailing and DMing President Biden on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and MySpace,” Williams said. explains Mr. “Perhaps they’re stuck in his spam folder. We’ll go with that.”

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