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Is Weight Gained After Stomach Reduction Surgery

The possibility of regaining weight after stomach reduction surgery is effective in the choice of treatment option. Here is the answer to that question! Is it possible to gain weight after stomach reduction? Dr. Hasan Erdem replied.

Is Weight Gained After Stomach Reduction Surgery?

Aesthetics and self-confidence are very important for obese people. Therefore, there are some applications in addition to diet for obesity. There are several methods that can be used in obese people. People who cannot achieve their goals by dieting and exercising prefer surgery to lose weight.

In such cases, gastric reduction surgeries such as Gastric bypass and Gastric band are performed. With this surgery, the abdomen is shaped like a tube. During the surgery, a significant part of the abdomen is removed and the person is now able to eat less.

After this application, a significant part of the stomach is removed. As a result, one’s eating habits are greatly reduced. However, after surgery to lose weight, weight can be regained. In this case, another operation is performed. Weight gain depends on the person.

Is Weight Gained After Stomach Reduction Surgery?

Stomach reduction surgery is an operation that helps obese people lose weight. However, surgery alone is not enough to lose weight. After the operation, the doctors prepare the patient and exercise program. The patient should follow these instructions given.

If the lifestyle is not changed, weight is not lost and even weight can be regained. Therefore, patients must be determined to change their lives. However, the question of whether weight will be regained after the surgery is wondered and many patients are concerned about this.

Postoperative weight gain varies according to the patient and the type of surgery performed. During surgery, the stomach may be larger than it should be. If enough weight is not lost, the patient may start to gain weight again after a while.

Whether you gain weight after a successful surgery depends on the patient. After a while, the effect of the work done ends. Accordingly, whether or not to gain weight will depend on the patient. If you do not follow a diet plan after surgery, you may start to gain weight. After the surgery, a diet high in sugar, fat and carbohydrates should be applied. If the patient breaks his diet and starts to eat more, the stomach starts to grow. In the next period, you start to gain weight. However, the stomach does not grow in dieters and therefore does not gain weight. Weight gain after surgery depends on the patient. If you live according to the instructions, you will not gain weight.

Can Weight Gain Be Prevented After Gastric Reduction Surgery?

It is very important to pay attention to the diet and exercise list for many years after the surgery. In this process, it is very important that you eat less than the size of your stomach. During this period of your life, you should eat small meals and pay attention to instructions. So you can maintain your weight for years.

Patients should consume fat, sugar and carbohydrate foods after surgery. Obviously, a protein-based diet should be followed. Exercise is always important for a healthy life. Therefore, exercise has an important place in the prevention of post-operative weight gain.

You should always do exercises like swimming, walking, running and regular cycling. The most important thing to prevent weight gain after surgery is to change your lifestyle. In this way, you will not gain weight for many years.

The effect of the surgery wears off after a while. In this process, people who stop exercising and dieting may start to gain weight. Perhaps an alternative treatment plan can be implemented.

What Happens If Weight Gains After Gastric Reduction Surgery?

Weight gain is common after obesity surgery. Because depending on the diet in the past, it can be difficult for many people to change their lifestyle and quit their eating habits. There are several treatment options that should be done in this process.

After a while, the effects of the surgery begin to decrease. If the patient is not fed properly after the surgery, his stomach begins to grow again. In this case, the only solution is to repeat the surgery. Of course, meanwhile, the patient must begin to change his life.

What Should Be Considered After Gastric Reduction Surgery?

The most important thing to note after the operation is that the patient no longer has any problems with his diet. Therefore, if diet and exercise continue, you will not gain weight after surgery. They should also report any changes to their doctor immediately. At the same time, they can provide physical and psychological treatment by getting psychological support.

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