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Is there a future for Disney Twitter after Elon Musk?

The future of one of Disneyland fans’ favorite gathering places is now in doubt. But it’s not a physical space at the Disneyland Resort. Twitter.

For years, Twitter and other social media channels have supported a large, active and growing Disney Parks fan community. Many experts and analysts speculate about Twitter’s future now that Elon Musk is in charge. What does the Twitter change mean for Disneyland fans who spend so much time and attention on their social networks?

Ultimately, it’s up to Disneyland fans to decide for themselves. Whether you love Disneyland or not, how you use social media will ultimately determine whether social media is positive or negative for you and society at large.

I always roll my eyes when I see Twitter profiles that declare “Retweets are not recommended.” How naive. Retweets are fully supported. Same goes for likes, comments and clicks. Any representation of your involvement in a Tweet or other social media post indicates to that social media company’s algorithm that this is a post that the algorithm should promote to other readers.

Social media algorithms are built on the cliché that the opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference. Posts that elicit apathy, as measured by lack of shares, likes and comments, get buried. Want to make it look wider instead? Better post something that elicits a reaction. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what the reaction is.

Most of us learned early on that the quickest and surest way to provoke a reaction is to do something that makes people angry.

That’s what drives today’s social media networks. It’s also why the fan networks that interact on these networks are often toxic. mute the voice of

But social networks are ultimately… social. Algorithms may be programmed to drive engagement, but users are ultimately in control of what they engage with. If you don’t want to promote ignorant, hateful, or abusive content, don’t reply to it. Please don’t retweet or share it to condemn it. Do not read or watch to the end. When engagement metrics dominate algorithms, quantifiable indifference is our defense against toxic social media.

If you have to react to something offensive, unfollow or block its creator. If the network offers a “no interest” option for his TikTok or similar, click it. Otherwise, keep scrolling. Instead, respond only to the voices you want to promote.

Better yet, stay away from algorithms that promote toxicity. Find voices you admire and follow their websites directly. Use Google’s “RSS Reader” to follow sources that give you insight instead of offending you.

Fan communities can be great, but not when fans have control over the clickbait algorithm.

https://www.siliconvalley.com/2022/11/08/niles-is-there-a-post-elon-musk-future-for-disney-twitter/ Is there a future for Disney Twitter after Elon Musk?

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