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Is Honeygain Legit? Money-Making App Explained

Can’t remember a day when you didn’t go online for at least a few minutes? Then you might have already come upon a passive income application called Honeygain. It offers every user a chance to earn real money effortlessly without wasting time on tedious tasks like filling surveys or clicking advertising banners.

Get on their website, blog, or one of the (really active, by the way) social media profiles, and you’ll find that all you need to do is run the app in the background of your device, where it will then share your extra internet bandwidth and generate passive income. Is Honeygain legit? We’re about to find out.

The simple yet unique concept of Honeygain

First introduced in 2019, Honeygain is a free application for desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux) and mobile (Android and iOS) devices that enables its users to make money effortlessly by sharing their internet bandwidth. The users make up a crowd-sourced web intelligence network, which uses their internet connection to help companies worldwide quickly access and gather the information available publicly on the web.

Honeygain’s business clients can use its network to perform various data-based tasks, e.g., verify their ad campaigns, test their apps or compare prices in different markets, or conduct brand protection campaigns. The money Honeygain receives from their business clients is then shared with their users as compensation for their bandwidth!

Earning passive income effortlessly

Sign up on Honeygain’s official website and install the app on at least one device with a stable internet connection, such as your laptop or smartphone (or both!). That’s it: you can now start earning by sharing your bandwidth in two ways: Default Network Sharing and Content Delivery. Default Network Sharing starts as soon as you begin running the app on your device and pays 1,000 Honeygain credits for every 10 GB shared. The Content Delivery feature can be turned on manually and help you earn some more credits in addition to Default Network Sharing – yet, it’s only available in 40 countries as of now. It pays 6 credits per hour as long as your computer is in Active mode (the feature is not mobile-compatible).

Users can also boost their earnings by referring others to the app: each referee gets a recurring bonus equal to 10% of their referrals’ earnings, and the referrals enjoy a one-time $5 bonus. You can also win free credits in the daily Lucky Pot lottery for active users or by joining weekly contests on Honeygain’s social media.

Earned 20,000 credits ($20)? Great – you can now request a payout! Pick via one of two options – PayPal or Bitcoin. Keep in mind that All PayPal transfers are handled by Honeygain’s third-party partner Tipalti Inc., which collects a small transfer fee (BTC payments are direct).

No worrying about security

No matter which OS you’ll be using to generate passive income, Honeygain won’t ask for any permissions. In fact, there are no risks to using the app overall: Honeygain is only interested in your internet bandwidth and not your private data. You don’t need to provide any personal information when you’re creating your account (aside from your email address)

In their blog and social media, Honeygain often notes you should only download the app from their official website and skip all unauthorized sources to avoid the risk of getting infected with malware via fake installers and apps. Kudos to them for making sure their users stay safe online!

Is Honeygain a legit way to make money online?

We tried using the app ourselves to present you with a 100% real answer – and it’s YES, Honeygain does pay as it promises. It lets you earn actual money (be it dollars or bitcoin you prefer), and while the amounts aren’t that grand, you don’t need to fill out any surveys or do other dull stuff (like you would with most other money-making apps).

Using five devices on 3 IP networks, we topped 20,000 in 23 days and received our payment via Bitcoin in two business days as promised. The entire process took no more than a few minutes – we must add we were a bit surprised to see 2-factor authentication though (pleasantly surprised, that is: when it comes to money and cryptocurrencies especially, you can’t have too much safety!).

If this sounds like something you would like to try (it doesn’t require any time or effort, after all), there’s no time like now, as we’ve got a little starting gift prepared! Register on Honeygain now using the code Passiveincome and secure your first $5 for free!

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