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Is Buying Used Motorcycles a Good Investment?

People frequently suffer sticker shock when shopping for a new vehicle. When shopping for a new car in September 2021, they found the average price had hit an all-time high of $45,031. Used vehicles fared little better. Average used car prices in 2022 are hovering around $29,000, leaving many drivers to wonder how they will afford a car payment, insurance, gas, and repairs. 

A person might consider investing in a motorcycle to save on their transportation costs. Doing so serves as a wise move, especially when the individual buys a used motorcycle. Why is buying a used motorcycle a smart investment, and what models are available today? Find the answers to these questions and more now at cleanharleys.com. The following benefits serve as a few examples of why purchasing a used motorcycle is an option to consider. 


Motorcycle owners love to customize bikes to meet their unique needs. When purchasing a used bike, the buyer might find a ride that already has many of the aftermarket parts they would invest in. This saves them time and money, as the previous owner installed the parts on the bike. They won’t need to purchase the accessories and pay for the installation because the previous owner has already taken on this expense.

Extended Lifespan

Individuals the world over know bikes made by Harley-Davidson last for many years. The reliability and build quality of these bikes entices many buyers. They know they can buy a used model and save large sums of money without sacrificing reliability. 

Discontinued Models

A rider might find they want a discontinued model, as it is their dream ride. While these bikes lack the technology found in newer models, they make up for this in charm and a retro look. A person can buy a classic and not spend more than they would if they purchased a new bike that only looks like the original. 


The moment a person drives a new bike off the dealer’s lot, it loses value. The original owner takes this loss. When they sell the bike, the buyer won’t be affected. Although a person may pay more when purchasing a used Harley because of its high resale value, the new owner knows that, if they care for the bike, they can ask a higher price if they choose to sell and will probably get it. 

Engine Quality

Buyers might question how the previous owner used the bike. They worry it suffered hidden damage if the driver abused the bike. Harley-Davidson makes its bikes for tough situations. If the original owner cared for the bike, buying used allows a person to get an excellent bike at an outstanding price. 

Mechanical Issues

An original owner must find and address any mechanical issues with the bike if they wish to keep riding. Buyers of used motorcycles don’t have this worry, as they know the previous owner already addressed these problems. However, only purchase from a reputable retailer to feel confident that any issues with the bike have been addressed. 


A person who purchases a used motorcycle will find the prices remain reasonable. There is no reason to spend a fortune on a new bike when so many used options are available today. Learn more about these options to determine which one is right for you. 

Visit different motorcycle dealers to find which make and model of bike best meets your needs. By doing so, you increase the likelihood of getting a bike you love and want to ride for years to come. 

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