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I Did It – The True Story of Gina Champion Cain The Largest Woman-Led Ponzi Scheme in U.S. History

 Most Californians know about the infamous story of Gina Campion- Cain and her Ponzi Scheme. A new book just released details the story of Gina Champion-Cain, the woman behind the largest woman-led Ponzi scheme in US history of over $350 million dollars.

I Did It is authored byBarbara Bry and Neil Senturia who reside in San Diego, California. They knew Gina Champion- Cain, yet they were unaware she was a mastermind behind a Ponzi Scheme. She was a beloved member of the community, or so everyone thought.

In San Diego, Gina Champion- Cain was an icon. To the outside world, she was a beautiful and charismatic woman and itappeared she had succeeded in a male-dominated good old boys club.  Her empire included real estate, restaurants, and retail; she was a guest economics commentator for the San Diego Union-Tribune; she served on prestigious corporate and nonprofit boards. She even considered running for Mayor of San Diego in 2004.

Gina Champion- Cain told her story directly to Bry and Senturia, she does not receive any compensation from this book.

 The details of this riveting bookinclude a multitude of participants such as hedge funds, banks, egomaniacs, and small-time crooks, all fueled by greed, stupidity, and a keen desire to look the other way. Even when they were looking in the right direction, all of these people and entities saw nothing. Gina was the Penn and Teller of misdirection, acting with caring behavior to other people (while bilking her investors), creating philanthropic endeavors and single-mindedly pursuing her dream of building an empire, taking it public, and cashing out all the investors.

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The City of San Diego even honored her with her own Gina Champion-Cain Day. But her life and her empire were a house of cards funded with money from massive financial fraud.

In August 2019, Champion- Cain’s seven-year program of selling phony liquor license loans came to an end when the SEC, the US Attorney’s Office, and the FBI filed suit and shut it down.

“It is true that Gina was the mastermind, but she was aided and abetted by bundlers, investors and a title company, in search of outsized returns, all desiring to never know how the sausage was really being made,” said Senturia.

Gina Champion -Cain plead guilty and was sentenced on March 31, 2021, when she admitted that she swindled more than $350 million from investors promising to use their money to make loans to business owners who were attempting to acquire California liquor licenses.

Gina – Champion Cain is scheduled for release from prison on January 29, 2034, she will be 68 years old.

I Did It is a book filled with intrigue, once you start to read it you will not put it down.

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