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How to sell a house as is without stress

Selling a house is not for the faint of heart. The time it takes to sell a house as is without stress can stretch from a couple of months to several years. Most of the time, it takes to find buyers. The paperwork can be done in a month if the property is paid in cash. When buying with a mortgage, the period increases to 2-3 months. If you want to sell your house for more than the market price, be prepared for a long communication with buyers from 3 to 6 months. We buy houses as is, so it’s best to sell your property to the best company on the market – Christian House Buyers.

Important to know: Don’t rush to close the deal as quickly as possible – a fast house sale requires a low price. The speed of the sale largely depends on you – whether you are willing to hold several showings a day or periodically update ads on websites.

How to sell a house as is without stress and problems

Buy a house as is without stress can any citizen interested in it. The problem is that there are not so many people who want to buy a house with an encumbrance. The fact of finding a home in the pledge at the lending organization scares away buyers, directing their attention to the other, legally clean objects in the market. Of course, any buyer can be negotiated, using the weighty argument – of reducing the selling price of the object.

The second point – is the consent of the bank. Purchased on a mortgage until the full payment on the loan remains in the pledge at the banking institution, and the owner cannot dispose of it at its discretion. Lenders seem to be interested in getting their money back and should not prevent the resale of the mortgaged property, especially if the debtor can no longer cope with the loan burden. At the same time, in the case of the sale of such an object, the banking institution loses part of the possible profits in the form of uncollected interest on the loan. Therefore, most often, penalties are imposed for such a transaction with collateral.

Advertising for the sale of the house as is without mortgages

The search for a buyer can begin simultaneously with the collection of documents. You need to make a good ad and choose the platforms for it. This can be social networks or sites that we listed at the beginning of the article.

Describe in the ad all the advantages of the object. Begin with the main. Tell where the house is located, the type of construction, the area of the property being sold, if there are welded wire fence gates and the number of rooms. Then specify the floor, the features of the layout, and the infrastructure. Add information about the bathroom, ceiling height, and the presence or absence of a balcony. Mention the view from the window and whether the repair is made. Write everything briefly, without any artistic flourishes. Do not forget to specify the price and if bargaining is possible.

Photos should be high quality and beautiful. Man, who looks at ads, it’s important to see the layout. So, take pictures of each room, kitchen, and bathroom as a whole, not focusing on individual items of furniture. Or let the pictures of furniture be additional. You can attach a schematic plan.

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Do the pre-sale preparation

You can’t make a first impression twice, so a buyer needs to like a house at first sight. Carry out basic work to make the property more attractive: remove weeds from the land, fix a lopsided fence, and clean the house. Make everything look tidy so that a person will be pleased to enter the house and want to buy it.


Christian House Buyers is a company that buys houses in any condition, even if the property is on credit or without repairs. Christian House Buyers is one of the best cash home-buying companies in Texas. Notably, the company has a rule that they always tell the seller about other options, regardless of what is best for themselves.

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