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How To Select Between Memory Foam, Latex Foam, and Polyurethane Foam

The material used in the manufacture of a mattress determines the amount of comfort you will obtain from it. Polyurethane foam, latex foam, and memory foam are the most common types of foam mattresses used in the preparation. To choose the right material, we will take a look at the features of all these mattress materials in this article.

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Latex Foam

Latex foam is made with the help of natural latex that is harvested from synthetic latex or rubber trees. The vulcanization of liquid latex using heat and accelerator agents transforms it into a solid-state of foam.

Compared to mattresses that are made from polyurethane foam and memory foam, Latex foam is a highly durable foam mattress available online. Mattresses made of latex can outlast for more than twenty years.

Latex foam offers continued support to the sleeper and don’t get softer at high temperature. This makes it easier for the sleeper in the night without causing any interruption in sleep. Also, the contoured support enables specific regions of the body to sink into the mattress while others get supported. This action benefits the side sleepers.

Polyurethane Foam

Polyfoam is a material that is found everywhere. It is omnipresent. You can find various types of cushions, seats of cars, etc. This is also the foam that is used in comfort layers of different mattresses. Polyfoam comes in various types. Look for a high-density foam mattress as it offers heightened support and durability to the user.

Some of the benefits of polyfoam over other types of foams are:

  • It is widely available and easy to get.
  • Due to its open cell structure, this mattress helps people to sleep a little cooler. It significantly lowers the possibility of sleeping hot.
  • Another important advantage of a polyfoam mattress is that it provides decent isolation of motion. This implies that your partner’s tossing and turning will not cause you to wake up. This material has the good property to absorb motion, and prevent your partner’s movements to reach you.
  • Last but not the least, Polyurethane Foam is the least expensive foam that is used in mattress toppers and mattresses. This foam is composed of compounds that are made from petrochemicals.

The drawback of polyurethane foam is that it gets compressed easily due to its low density. These mattresses also have short lifespans.  Though this foam offers support and softness, but would not provide the same level of support linked with latex foam, and memory foam.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is a kind of polyurethane foam that has added compounds that gives a more comfortable feel to the sleeper. It is usually made using fire retardant chemicals.

It gives “slow-moving” properties to the memory foam. Compared to the usual polyurethane foam, memory foam is denser and costlier. It offers a more pinpointed feel compared to the polyurethane foam.

Unlike latex foam that responds immediately and offers continuous support, memory foam responds at a slow speed. Memory foam is heat reactive. It absorbs heat and starts to soften when it becomes warmer.  These foams are composed of chemicals that make the foam surface cooler.

The thickness of memory foam varies in a significant manner. The higher-density memory foam material is viewed to be higher in terms of durability and quality. It is also very cost-effective compared to memory foam toppers that are low in density.

Mattress shoppers who are choosing to buy a memory foam-based mattress should always consider the quality of the foam at the time of purchase. Low-density memory foam may cost you less, but it would eventually degrade very fast.


Latex foam has been the best form of foam to use in the preparation of a mattress.  It offers several important benefits over memory foam as well as polyurethane foam. It scores highly on the durability tests of all foams that simulate a long duration of use. As this foam comes in varying qualities, it is important to consider the foam quality at the time of making a purchase.

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