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How to Select a Cisco CCNP Certification Training Institution?

CCNP – Cisco Certified Network Professional certification is the intermediate certification of Cisco certification system. Passing CCNP certification means that the certified personnel have rich network knowledge.

What is the content of CCNP certification exam? If you want to get CCNP certificate, you must first know the exam content. The CCNP certification exam includes 3 exam subjects, with a total of 91-130 questions. The full score of the three examinations is 1000 points, and the pass score is 790 points for each subject. The CCNP certificate can be obtained only after passing all three examinations.

What is the content of CCNP certification training courses? The training courses of CCNP certification[click this site here] are based on the exam outline. According to the content and form of the exam, courses focus on theoretical knowledge. For example, in the Security direction of CCNP certification, training focuses on: the skills and technologies required to implement core Cisco Security Solutions, as well as network, cloud and content security, endpoint protection, secure network access, visibility and implementation, and the deployment of next generation firewall of CiscoFirepower® and Cisco adaptive security architecture (ASA) firewall, configuration of access control policy, mail policy, 802.1X authentication, etc.

How to choose a reliable training institution? There are so many training institutions in the market with a lot of advertisements. How to choose a reliable CCNP training institution?

Professional authority is the key factor to consider. SPOTO has 17 years of training experience and has a unique IT talent training system. Its business covers six continents and a total of 152 countries. It is a truly global IT talent training and education institution. As of March 2020, the number of SPOTO’s cyber students has exceeded 400,000 and is still growing rapidly. Over the past 17 years, with its unique IT talent training system, SPOTO Network has transported more than 400,000 IT talents to 152 countries and regions on six continents around the world. For three consecutive years, it has been the annual official certification institution of Tencent Classroom. It won the “most popular Award” of golden classroom in 2019 and stood out from 60,000 institutions to win the strict course certification of Tencent Classroom.

Besides, the curriculum and schedule reflect the professional level of the institution. According to the situation of candidates, SPOTO has designed the most professional and systematic courses and learning plans. There will be senior head teachers and teaching assistants who track the learning progress of students in the whole process. In terms of the learning plan of SPOTO’s CCNP courses, it takes about 18 classes to complete all the contents of CCNP. The courses are arranged 4 times a week, 2-2.5 hours each time, so that the learning of CCNP certification can be completed within 35 days. Candidates can also freely choose the class time according to the class arrangement.

SPOTO’s 2020 CCNP certification courses have been revised and improved. In terms of cloud laboratory, the hands-on practice part keeps pace with the times and the current network. Candidates can learn anytime and anywhere. There are more small experiments, and the difficulty span of the experiment is more reasonable. Error elimination experiments are added after the end of each knowledge module, and more error elimination experiments are being added; In addition, teachers will provide mind maps to make learning easier, more systematic and improve your learning efficiency; After each class, SPOTO will provide study notes and in-class notes, and there will be exercises after class to test whether candidates have mastered what has been taught and consolidate their memory; At the same time, candidates can watch the live video of the classroom within 24 hours through Tencent Classroom.

You will never regret choosing SPOTO! More course discounts are waiting for you. Come and have a try!

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