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How to save money on car rentals with COVID-19 travel

Thanks to the fare offered August 11-18 at launch, you can fly from Burbank to Bozeman, Montana, one of the gateways to Yellowstone National Park, for $ 38 round trip. Avero Airlines. Super deal. Next, I decided to book a rental car. The highest price for renting at the airport using the search aggregator kayak was $ 2,028 per week. It’s through Hertz, choosing a model for you and asking you to prepay.

Welcome to another side effect of Car Wars, the rental version and the pandemic. This can usually make retrofit rentals more expensive than plane tickets.

The pandemic has hit the car rental industry hard. Chris Brown, Editor-in-Chief of Auto Rental News, said the industry “has been in much more turmoil than 9/11 or the Great Depression.” “The first quarter business started pretty decent [of 2020] In the worst case, it has ever been. Business fell 85%. ”

Dust was collected in the parking lot, and there were cars that were not rented, and many were sold. About 4,000 people were destroyed in the fire In April 2020, there was a big fire near Southwest Florida International Airport, which serves the Gulf Coast. They were valued at $ 100 million, Auto Rental News reported.

According to Brown, inventory replenishment is now difficult due to a shortage of chips.Bloomberg reports that a shortage of semiconductors can have an impact Production of 1.3 million vehicles..

As a result, “you are looking at the car rental rates from the roof,” Brown said.

The price we are looking at

Prices are especially high in Hawaii, near national parks, and, surprisingly, in remote areas, including some urban areas. Below is a comparison of car rental rates at various destinations surveyed by kayak and the minimum airfare from LAX on Google Flight. (Dates were randomly selected.) Similar to the Avelo / Hertz comparison above, these rates may be unavailable.

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date: July 14-21
Airfare: Hawaiian, Delta, Alaska Round Trip $ 458
Car rental: At the priceline, the Payless Volkswagen Passat (or similar) costs $ 737 a week. Prices are for prepaid reservations. In dollars, Chevrolet Spark is $ 815 and requires a prepayment. Cancellation is free.

San Francisco

date: August 9-16

Airfare: $ 97 round trip on Delta
Car rental: Some of Hotwire’s lists were labeled “Surprise Agency.” This includes Kia Rio for $ 338 a week. At Fox Rent a Car, Toyota Yaris (or similar economy) has been fixed at $ 433 with prepaid rentals in partnership with Priceline. Thrifty’s Buick Encore Compact SUV in partnership with Priceline totaled $ 757.

Estes Park, Colorado.

date: July 2-9

Airfare: Best fares to Denver, about 58 miles from Estes Park Rocky Mountain National ParkIs back at the frontier for $ 156 in spirit. Both are low-cost carriers. The Legacy Carrier American flight was $ 223.

Car rental: $ 705 a week for Ford Focus on a budget. Some cars were offered through a “surprise agency” and were also labeled “Supplier Choice”. This means you don’t know which vehicle you are getting or through which agency you are getting it. That rate was displayed on Hotwire for $ 519, but when I clicked on it, the price changed and I got the message “I need to grab it before it goes up again”. This tab now costs $ 622 via Ace Rent a Car in combination with Hotwire. When I clicked it again, it was listed that there was no free cancellation.

Portland, Oregon.

date: August 6-13
Airfare: $ 177 round trip between Delta and Alaska Airlines
Car rental: $ 380 per week for Hyundai Elantra in the Enterprise through the priceline. This means that you will not be charged for pickup and will be offered a free cancellation. For better but a little weird deals, you can rent a commercial vehicle (basically a van). It’s $ 264 to fit two and nine bags through Hertz.

How to save on rental

Please make a reservation as soon as possible. This is advice from Enterprise Holdings, including Enterprise, Alamo and National Brands. Please check if there is a cancellation fee. In addition, Enterprise said in an email: [a customer’s] Search can also help increase options. Since last summer, we have been working closely with our manufacturing partners to add vehicles to our vehicles to meet the ongoing increase in demand. ”

Consider a car sharing service. TuroClaims to be the largest car-sharing company and has cars on vacation destinations in the West, the United States and Europe. Here’s how this works: you need a car. Car owners may need to park their car at the airport for travel or earn additional income from a vacant car. The car can be rented. Owners can get free parking at the airport and cash, and lessors can get a deal.

Let’s say you want to fly to Las Vegas but need a car to use your tools across the strip. At Turo, you can rent a 2017 Camaro for $ 99 a day, a 2015 Chevrolet Corvette for $ 187 a day, a 2019 Tesla Model 3 for $ 142 a day, or 2019. McLaren 570S $ 696 a day. (If you rent a McLaren for 7 days, you’ll get a $ 2,090 discount, which is just under $ 700. Otherwise, it’s $ 995 a day.)

Not all cars are hot tickets. You can get Kia Rio for $ 48 a day and 2017 Chevy Spark for $ 65 a day. As a result, Mitsubishi Mirage rented from Enterprise will be slightly cheaper at about $ 62 at sites outside the airport.

You can also check the price in the app MovingOperates in California, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, Washington, Texas And elsewhere in the country..Or try ZipcarStart at $ 7 / month and rent for hours ($ 10) or days ($ 83) through free gas and 180 miles per day (and then 58 cents per mile) membership.

Use public transportation. It may not be attractive, and social distance is not guaranteed, but you do not pay to park a car that you use only to get to and from your destination.

Compare in-airport and out-of-airport rates. In Seattle, which is famous for its high airport rental fees, you can rent a Chevrolet Spark at the airport from June 11th to 18th for about $ 80 a day for $ 555. Carrental8.com.. In town, you can rent a spark at Slifty for $ 414 a week, or about $ 59 a day. Hertz, who applied for Chapter 11 in May 2020, encourages lessors to check this option due to the many locations nearby, a spokesman said in an email.

Try a car dealership..That $ 2,000 fee at Boseman may not make your Yellowstone trip a beginner, but check it out before throwing away your plans Bozeman Toyota, You can get a Toyota Rav4 for $ 222 a week. It’s from April 30th to May 7th, not the Golden Time in Yellowstone. And your airfare will increase to $ 43. Would you like to wait until those August dates? There is no availability.

Perhaps we have reached an era where our rental cars date our trips.

How to save money on car rentals with COVID-19 travel Source link How to save money on car rentals with COVID-19 travel

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