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How To Recover Data From A Crashed Laptop

What happens, in the event your laptop dies and has no backup for your data? Actually, a lot of things may go wrong because panicking, desperation and desolation. But after this phase there comes consolation that offers a solution, data recovery for laptop. Disk Drill by Cleverfiles is a data recovery software that has been designed to specifically fix all data loss problem ranging audio files, videos, documents, photos, archives on a wide range of devices not limited to; hard drives, flash disk, digital cameras, USB drives etc.

How Can I Tell If My Laptop Has Crashed?

The answer is rather simple but before we go straight to the possible reasons. It is important to understand that all machines just like the body gives signs of malfunctioning before they give out. If you are keen enough when using a laptop, you will not fail in picking up signs of a struggling laptop as you work on tasks.

How To Recover Data From A Crashed Laptop

This can help you to prepare yourself well by backing up important data for safety on any of the following devices, external hard disk, flash disk just to mention a few. You can also take further steps by checking what is ailing your laptop and getting it fixed in time before it crashes. Besides, there are a number of data recovery centers in LA, California that can help you with crashed laptop problems anytime.

Belo are some off the signs a crashing laptop will display before it totally shuts down.

  • A non-responsive cursor on the screen with every attempt to move it is a possible key indicator that all is not well.
  • A blank screen of death.
  • When a program fails to start when it`s clicked on.

These are a few but most common errors found on laptops that give off signs that a laptop has crashed or is dead.

Tools To Use To Recover Data From Crashed Laptop

How to fix the problem would be the very thing in your mind after a laptop has crashed. And you will probably wonder on which kind of tools are needed to make the process successful.

Well, in order to recover crashed files from your hard drive you will need to get a data recovery software like the Disk Drill by Cleverfiles and a working laptop. Once you have the necessary tools, then the data recovery process can be initiated. We’ll show you the steps to recover data yourself using a DIY software.

The following are steps which you should follow when you want to recover crashed files from a laptop.

  • Retrieve the hard drive from your crashed laptop and use another laptop for retrieval.
  • Download and install the disk drill by Cleverfiles software to the second laptop since the initial laptop is inoperable. This software can recover up to 500 MBs of data for free.
  • After successful downloading and installing the data recovery software launch and select the hard drive by clicking on it.
  • Initiate the scanning process by selecting deep or quick scan and let the disk drill run the scanning process.
  • Once the scanning stops, you will be able to see a report of all files found on a list.
  • Go through the list and choose which files you want recovered, look for the recover button and click on it. And you will have your files retrieved.

You can create a folder on the laptop to storage of files however to be on the safe side you can use the disk drill by Cleverfiles back up your data.


You can always put your worries to rest when it comes to data recovery because Disk Drill by Cleverfiles has got you covered. From all aspects of laptop malfunctioning that leads to loss of data, accidental deletion of files, corrupt hard disk, virus attack plus more. The software is one of the best data recovery software in the market that offers reliable solutions for your data loss.

Getting Disk Drill by Cleverfiles is the surest way to go if your files matter much to you. Work with empowerment, security and a sense of peace knowing that your data is 100 percent protected.


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