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How To Plan The Perfect Penny-Pinching Dinner Party

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Dinner parties at home are one of the best ways to please a crowd, and it’s even better when it’s made up of home-cooked meals rather than expensive catering. Why plan a dinner party just to serve meals that could be enjoyed at a restaurant? Even if you’re not the best home cook, there are plenty of recipes that will make your guests overjoyed with unique dishes which are served great with a side of excellent conversation and company. Whether you’re celebrating an engagement, or just want to spend quality time socializing with the meaningful people in your life, dinner parties are an excellent way to bring people together and serve delicious meals to those you love. Here are three ways to plan your dinner party for a smoother and budget-friendly event.

Plan Ahead 

The first thing anyone planning a dinner party should do is to plan. How long you give yourself to plan depends on the number of guests you’ll be having, whether it’s a casual or formal occasion, and the type of meals you plan to make. Casual dinner parties generally only need one day of planning, while formal dinner parties can range from a week to a full month. During this time, you’ll want to ask your guests for a list of their allergies and dietary restrictions so you can avoid potential issues by finding alternatives or leaving certain dishes out altogether. Be sure to also plan for the number of guests and to make sure that you have enough room and the budget to feed the number of people that you invite. This should also be the time that you’re creating a food budget and deciding how many dishes you’ll make and how much you’ll spend on each.

Pick Interesting Recipes

The best part of any dinner party is your ability to show off your cooking skills while creating an interesting and unique menu. By creating a unique menu, you’ll give your dinner guests a meal they’ll remember, which can create more interesting conversations and a better time. Finding unique and delicious recipes that you’ve either made before or have the time to create before the party is a great way to ensure delicious options for any budget. Find delicious and unique recipes at websites like the Kitchen Community for excellent options that your guests will love. Don’t forget drinks! Adding wine or interesting and expensive drinks like lavender lemonade are great addictions. While picking your recipes, it’s always best to go with something that you’re familiar with, have had before, or have the time to make before the party so that you know how much time it takes to make, as well as the flavor profile you’ll be serving to your guests. Nothing is worse than picking a recipe that you’re making for the first time only to find out too late that you hate it!

Don’t Skip Decor 

Even if it’s just mood lighting with candles and flowers picked from the yard, adding a bit of decor can completely change the ambiance of a dinner party. Another great option is to have your dinner party outside, given that the weather and the time of year permit it. Fashioning homemade garland and even hand-written menus with floral doodles can be an excellent way to create excitement amongst your guests and create the atmosphere of an enjoyable dinner party for your entire guest list.


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