How to Never Miss an NBA Game Again

Basketball is one of those cross-generational sports dear to the heart that has the rare ability to unite billions of different people of all religions and ethnicities from all over the world in a shared excitement about their favorite players and teams. It is also a sport that has been around in a competitive form since the 1940s, and it is a sport recognized by the Olympics too. It is quite difficult to find a sports fan of any kind that has not heard of Wilt Chamberlain, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, or about teams such as the LA Lakers, Boston Celtics, or the Chicago Bulls Not many sports are able to do what basketball does like affect culture and trends aside from football/soccer, the Olympics and some motorsports like Formula One. Basketball has many organized tiers, events, and championships that are hosted year-long. The pinnacle of this organization is, of course, the NBA (National Basketball Association). It is difficult to judge exactly how many people tune into the NBA, but individual 2021 NBA finals games were watched by over 12 million people on the ABC channel alone. Social media managed to generate over a billion views of the events in 2021. Now, television is not consumed nearly as much as it was 10 years ago. The paradigm of digital streaming has taken over viewership when it comes to how sports are consumed, which of course also applies to basketball. However, digital streaming brings with it a new set of problems for sports fans. The issue millions of people are facing is the copyright and broadcast licensing restrictions that make it difficult to stream what you want at any time. For this reason, let’s look at how to use a VPN or Virtual Private Network to never miss NBA action again.

What is a VPN?

If you are one among millions of sports lovers trying to use digital streaming services to enjoy your basketball, whether that be the NBA or the European league, or any other event for that matter, you will be blocked from accessing specific services and streams in certain regions/countries/areas. This occurs because companies that digital stream several channels need to compete with other services and some content cannot be streamed in certain countries because of licensing and broadcast regulations. This is why, for instance, you cannot catch a U.S. service such as ABC or ESPN in Europe. The same goes for YouTube TV and SlingTV’s coverage. After all, the NBA is hosted in several different American states, so the digital streaming services are also based in America. That are at least the ones that offer the highest quality of service and coverage. Although European and other international streaming services do cover the NBA, it is not quite the same experience or level of coverage that domestic U.S. services provide.

This is why you will need a network cloaking software known as a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Simply put, a VPN service (the premium ones) can modify your internet connection so that you appear to be somewhere else. Their other strengths include the ability to encrypt the connection for added safety. To top it all off, VPNs are not some shady, gimmicky software filled with viruses and ads, they belong to a serious industry that is internet security and is readily available to download for all sorts of devices. If you want to find out which VPNs meet the mark for derestricting NBA streaming, there is much more information about carefully selected and tested VPNs to catch the NBA with on the link at the top of the article.

How to Setup Your VPN to Unblock NBA Content

Setting up a VPN to bypass your regional restrictions is easy. All you need to do is first find a premium VPN (one of those in the link at the top, that’s up to you), and subscribe to the service. This means you will be charged to your bank card, but there really is no other way around it. Free software is never recommended by any honest person in the IT industry. Secondly, once you subscribe and download the software for your respective system (the technical makeup of VPNs differs for each device and operating system) you need to run the software/app VPN and then open your web browser private browsing or incognito mode. Now, if you would like to access U.S.-based streaming services like those listed above, all you need to do is adjust your VPN server to a server in America for when you want to access those services. It really is as easy as that. This is also very useful if your country restricts your internet access or censors it.

Now, there are other ways to catch the NBA that don’t exclusively require you to use a VPN (but you should for safety and privacy, anyway). This means getting access to NBA League Pass. Now, what a VPN can do here is lower the price of the NBA League Pass for you! The price difference between an EU or U.S. League Pass compared to the price given to someone connecting from a developing country, for instance, is huge. Yes, you got it, you need to connect a VPN server in such a country for that to work.

You can also try to catch some free streams that stream NBA content which you can tune into by adjusting your VPN, however, the quality offered by major streaming platforms will surely outmatch anything a free streaming service has to offer. For your reference, here are the major platforms where you can stream high-quality NBA content with the help of a VPN from wherever you find yourself in the world;

  • United States – SlingTV, Hulu with Live TV, FuboTV, DirecTV Stream, YouTubeTV
  • Canada – TSN, SportsNet
  • Germany – DAZN
  • United Kingdom – SkySports, BT
  • Worldwide – NBA League Pass

There you have it, you can safely, legally, and privately catch NBA streams from any of the above choices (or a combination of them) with a VPN which is sure to satisfy even the most hardcore NBA fan!

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