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How to move your precious & fragile items?

Moving is a complicated task and the most difficult and daunting task in a moving process is to transport precious and fragile items. Packing takes the most time during moving. It is quite an easier process to move 60% of your stuff and 30% of stuff requires packing paper but the rest 10% makes the entire packing process very difficult. You have to handle these with proper care and packing need to be done with extreme care. Those precious sets of china, wine glasses, and many others require your attention. If you are wondering how you will move the entire delicate items present at your home then here you might get the right ideas. Check out the procedure:

Do you have a wine collection?

Before you start the procedure of packing your wine collection make sure you do enough research because there are certain rules and regulations exhibited in different states. Even in some states, it is prohibited to take wine therefore make sure you conduct enough research before you start packing. So, when you are moving state to state make sure you do enough research.

 Start preparing in advance

Before you start packing, you should assemble all the fragile items in one place. Once you know the delicate items present at your home then you can easily make a strategy to move items. If you invest a good amount of time in preparation then it will save you from the damage of items.

Go slow

All fragile items require all the care that you give them. The best way to handle fragile items is by staying gentle as much as possible. If you do things in a rush then chances are that you will drop the items which could cause a huge loss of money.

Use the right kind of boxes

Always use sturdy boxes when packing items. If you use a flimsy box then it won’t offer sufficient protection to all the items present inside the box. It is also recommended you use the boxes that are of the same or a little large size than the item so that the item perfectly fits into the box. To fill up the gap present, use enough padding. The items should snugly fit into the box so that they don’t move during transportation. If you want to add more than one item in a box then make sure you wrap each item with bubble wrap.

Don’t use newspaper

When packing glassware, kitchenware, or other such fragile items, you should not use newspaper because the newspaper can leave ink on these items or could damage the items.

Use the most suitable packing material

Packing plays an important role when moving fragile items. You should have enough packing supplies such as packing tape, bubble wrap, cartoons, airbags, and so on. Make sure you use all the quality packing papers.

Pack the heaviest items at the bottom

Layer all the items from largest to smallest so that all the items can be transported safely. It also keeps the base of the box well supported and smaller items won’t get crushed.

Use the dividers for glasses

There are cardboard dividers present in the market which you can easily purchase and should pack these glasses into boxes. It will eliminate the collision of pieces and keep the items safe from scratches.

Take photos

To claim insurance, you should take photos of antique fragile expensive items before the move. Click the pictures in the different angles by putting the pieces into the light. It will be helpful later if any kind of damage to the expensive items is caused during transportation.

Use plenty of cushioning

Having a stock of packing materials will help provide enough cushioning to all the items. Not only this will be useful in wrapping the items, but also you should add it at the bottom of the items so these items can be transported with complete safety. This cushioning works as shock proofing so in case if something falls then the item present in the boxes does not damage.

Move small fragile items by yourself

You should not move small fragile items into the moving truck and should move these along with you so that these can be transported easily. Remember that your moving truck contains lots of items that are heavier in size. Save the worry and also the space in the moving car and move these precious and fragile items along with you in your car.

Wrapping it all up!!!

Remember that packing fragile items require a lot of time therefore you should start packing the items in advance. Take enough time in packing because fragile items require a lot of time in handling and care. It can be nerve-wracking and requires special attention. The above few tips and tricks will help you to pack effectively and to transport items safely.


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