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How to Make Your Discord Server More Active

Almost everyone is trying their hand at video games.  Not only is this a perfect pastime activity, but it also comes in handy whenever you want to forget about your woes.  And as more people enjoy the thrill of online video games, so does the gaining industry continue to grow worldwide.No wonder it is among the most popular medium in the entertainment world.

There are now more apps gamers can count on to ensure they have a remarkable gaming experience.  One app that’s growing at a tremendous pace is the famous Discord. If you run a discord server, chances are you want to make it more active and grow your community.

Although it might seem like a mammoth task at first, you can get through it without the hassle.  Here are some of the ways to make your discord server active as you’d like it to be. 

  • Engage with Your Members

No one is into the prospect of signing up on dull discord servers.  Most people are already going through a difficult time and are searching for the best way to unwind.  To facilitate a great community on your discord server, be sure to keep your members engaged at all times. The secret lies in driving new conversations that give members a reason to stay on your server.

Consider asking your server’s members questions to spark new discussions.  You can also react to their messages as it works wonders. Make it the norm to encourage members to be part of the discussions as it is the only way to get them engaged.

  • Make Conversations Interesting

There’s no essence of starting conversations on your discord server, yet they don’t give members a reason to stay active.  You want to make your server something they want to be a part of, and this is possible if your conversations are interesting. To start interactive conversations, be sure to use Discord Emojis.

A powerful communication tool, emojis help you pass across messages and elevate the discord experience of your members. You can make the emojis from your Personal Computer anytime hassle-free.  Remember, you can only use any Discord emoji you upload on that server.
  • Advertise Your Server

To make your discord server more active, you will first have to boost your member account.  The more people join the server, the easier it is to start interesting conversations.  Make it the norm to advertise your discord server on listing to bring more members without pushing yourself to the limits. That’s not to say you should advertise to random people as it might not help you with anything.

In Conclusion

Having an active Discord server is vital to its success. And while it might feel like a mammoth task at first, you will find it easy over time.  Add your server to listings, ask questions, leverage bots, and welcome new members to your server.  That way, you can make it more active and drive server growth.

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