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How to get the most out of LinkedIn

S.official media Career development usually doesn’t mix. Doomedly scrolling through Elon Musk’s tweets or getting hooked on his latest TikTok craze isn’t going to increase your chances of getting a job. Unless the social network in question is his LinkedIn. Founded in Silicon Valley in 2003 as a platform for professional networking, he was acquired by Microsoft in 2016 for $26 billion, and worldwide he has become a staple of corporate cyberspace with over 800 million registered users. increase. Its 171 million American members outnumber the country’s workforce. High school students are creating profiles to include in college applications. Chances are you probably have one too. How do you make the most of it?

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For those who have not yet linked to LinkedIn, the first important step is to create a profile. First, choose a polished photo. Think visionary determination meets empathic authenticity. Next, list your education and work history. Remember that nothing is trivial. Did you go to a selective kindergarten? Please say so. It shows that you were a winner from an early age. As you create your list, try to read it as impassively as possible without including adjectives or personal touches. Anything mechanical and factual is valuable.

With your profile ready, you can go about your business and start building your network. You need 500+ connections on your profile to be taken seriously.To achieve this you need to step out of your comfort zone and talk to complete strangers. Don’t treat it like you’re inviting a classmate you don’t know to your birthday party. Demeaning language is not part of the lexicon on LinkedIn. Your columnist guest Bartleby has amassed 6,315 connections, of which he actually knows 300.

Remember your cousin Dimitris, who works at Bain Capital in Boston? There’s nothing better than reconnecting a harmless LinkedIn invitation. And that guy sitting next to you with red eyes coming back from Chicago? Even if you only remember his first name and the company he works for, you should be able to track him down relatively easily using LinkedIn’s algorithm.

For Goldman Sachs analysts, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, UBSMoreDon’t worry, they’re thinking the same thing so you could be obliged. If, above all, CEO— just so happened to accept, you’ve struck gold. Those desperate to get 1 degree closer to top dog will beg. Your network will explode.

Then flaunt all your successes. LinkedIn is for white-collar workers and Instagram is for fashionistas: a way to present the most coveted version of yourself. “We are extremely honored to be ranked in the Global Elite category of Thought Leaders. [insert name of obscure organisation which hands out random titles]”

If you want everyone to know that you are a speaker at the Bloomberg Global Regulatory Forum, attach a photo of yourself to the podium and own it. Posts are inherently ostentatious, so any attempt to mitigate is always taken as a humble boast (“A colleague told me I should share my successes.Leader Panel”). Bartleby posts only her column (like this one) with no comments.

Don’t pay too much attention to other people’s achievements while contributing your own to the app. Doing so will help you appear calm, unflappable, and unenviable. Ignore the auto-generated prompts such as “Congratulations to Dimitris on starting his new position as Co-Head of his European Private Equities”. KKR”. These are designed as if your mother rubbed it on your face to motivate you to be more ambitious.

Ignore all automatic prompts like ‘Make sure you’ve been connected to your co-workers for a year’ because you need to play cool. That time is better spent making new connections and increasing your numbers. It’s a vital part of LinkedIn in the world of social networking gamified for gratification. According to the latest notification, “You appeared in 178 searches this week.” So you must be doing something right.

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