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How to Get Instagram Followers in 2022

These days everyone wants to be famous on Instagram but this photo sharing website has changed now more than ever before. Now it is very difficult to get more followers on Instagram but don’t fret. Here we will discuss the ways to get Instagram followers in the year 2022 as the game has changed.

It is time to go with a new strategy and approach to get more followers. The following are some tips that will help you to rule on the photo-sharing app and give you more followers and post reach this year. Let’s dig into it!

4 ways to get More Instagram Followers

Cross-promote your specific hashtag

Create a dedicated hashtag and promote it on Instagram but make sure events should be relevant to your hashtag. If you are working on a TV or Radio medium, use this hashtag over there and direct other people to use it.

Moreover, take it to other social media profiles by incorporating offline and online promotions. You can also use email marketing for this purpose.

Creative hashtagging:

Tell your story with creative hashtagging and go beyond the one-word caption when you are going to write the Instagram caption. Get the creative hashtags by using the caption ideas.

Be amusing, sarcastic, or bold but don’t be tedious. If you want to get more followers then post fun mix content on your Instagram profile.

Contribute in enormously popular conversations:

Use up-to-date and a mixture of relevant hashtags for the post of your brand or company. Contribute to massively popular and super trending hashtags conversations such as #thoughtoftheday #tbt #mondaymotivation.

It shows more interest and helps you to interact with more people. Try to become noisier on this photo-sharing app, Instagram. Furthermore, it will also help you to get followers when you meet the right people.

Get descriptive with your captions:

A picture speaks itself a thousand words but doesn’t forget to write descriptive captions. Use storytelling with your Instagram photos that will increase your post engagement. For example, National Geographic gets descriptive with the captions alongside their photos on their Instagram profile.

Some brands are using these strategies of how to get Instagram followers that led them to become one of the most followed brands on Instagram with millions of followers.


It might seem hard to understand how to get Instagram likes and followers at the start but it is not difficult to get more followers in no time. Once you have got thousands of followers then you continue the use of these above strategies to get more than 1 million followers.

You must post 3 times daily every day in the week when it comes to growing visibility and followers. One day, your hardest efforts will pay off and you can be proud of what you will gain eventually. We hope these ways will not only help you to get more followers on Instagram but also grow your visibility. Leave a comment and let us know which method you are using to get more Instagram followers.


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