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How to Design a Postcard Mailing: 7 Top Tips

Are you looking for an offline marketing medium that can make your business go viral? With an 80-90%  open rate, you should consider postcard mailing. Postcards have the cheapest cost per lead compared to any other direct marketing strategy. In addition, postcards are the best means to reach more traditional businesses or specific prospects that may be averse to the internet. These benefits make the success of postcards almost irreplicable.

If you are considering mailing postcards for your next campaign, here are our best 7 tips on how to design a postcard for mailing success.

  1. Keep it simple, memorable, and direct

Your postcard design and content should be simple and direct. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that individuals have much attention left after the rigors of the day. Hence, you must use simple, familiar language and easy-to-figure-out references. Prospects shouldn’t have to second-guess your offer, as these second thoughts could create doubt in their mind that makes them ignore your offer.

In addition, your design should be novel and memorable. Your prospects undoubtedly see plenty of advertising daily, some of which are from your direct competitors. Therefore, a unique design will appear authentic and likely succeed.

Remember that you don’t want to overwhelm your readers with lengthy, indirect messaging. One effective way to keep it simple is in the next step.

  1. Use a clear and bold headline

Headlines are one of the most noticeable pieces of your postcard. A well-written headline communicates the product, service you’re offering, or the problem you want to solve. Since headlines determine whether your readers keep reading or not, view them as a way to cut to the chase with what is arguably your most prominent message when you design a postcard for mailing.

  1. A graphic that backs up the headline, colors that pop

Pictures allow you to say a lot more despite the brevity of postcards. Ensure the selected image best conveys your most important idea and supports the headline. Furthermore, using colors in your design may make your postcards look more compelling. However, ensure the colors you use still provide sufficient contrast for your text to remain readable.

  1. Include a strong offer

An offer is what makes your product or service irresistible. A solid offer should easily convince your prospects that your product or service is worth their money or time. When coming up with the perfect offer, note that certain words or phrases such as “Free,” “Sale,” or “50% Off” are likely to intrigue prospects. For instance, if you run a finance company, including access to a free report titled “5 Financial Trends to Note in 2022” will elicit interest.

  1. Use bullet points

Bullet points provide a straightforward way to resolve your prospect’s concern when you expatiate on the benefits of your product, service, or event. Avoid going over a bland list of features that can read as “fast delivery” or “affordable pricing” when using bullets. Since other brands are also reciting their list of similar features, it’s more helpful to state how your product or services can help your prospect save time or money, i.e., the benefits.

  1. Have a Call to Action (CTA)

What is the one action you’d want your readers to take? Maybe it’s a website visit, social media following, physical office visits, or a quotation request; ensure it’s easy, and your readers can’t miss it. When your CTA is easy and pronounced, expect a higher opt-in rate.

  1. Include Your Contact Information

Some appropriate information you want to include are your company name, logo, website, phone number, and return address. Of course, if you run a small business like a private realtor or mortgage broker, including a picture of yourself won’t hurt. Instead, such a picture can help build and cement trust with your clients faster. Ensure clients notice your contact information; use distinct typography to emphasize it.


Avoid Indiscriminate Postcard Mailing

Depending on your marketing objectives, choose to only mail qualified leads for your campaign. You don’t want to mail prospects indiscriminately because not everyone will be interested in your product or service. It doesn’t matter if you have the best product or service in the market, and your messaging accurately conveys that idea.

Your messaging should meet the prospects at their awareness level. When you use language that is congruent with your objective, your postcard mailing campaign will be a success.


Postcard mailing is an effective way to reach more customers and supplement your marketing efforts. Your postcard design will distinguish between a high ROI campaign and a wasted effort. Use these tips to ensure your postcard mailing gives you your desired results. Have you tried a postcard mailing campaign before?


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