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How to Create a Portfolio on LinkedIn

Your resume is really important, but sometimes it is not enough, and you can make your LinkedIn profile stand out by adding your portfolio. You can make it look visually appealing and attractive so that others notice it and take a good look. Hiring managers and potential clients will know about what you do and your work better by looking at your LinkedIn portfolio. 

You can include content, work updates, and other achievements of your career. Portfolio is a great way to increase your brand awareness and promote your product that is good for B2B lead generation. Use interactive presentations, websites, etc., in your portfolio and add shine to the highlights section of your profile. Most people don’t update their portfolio and miss out on this. 

In this guide, we will see how to add portfolio to LinkedIn, some LinkedIn portfolio examples, and the best ways to make it stand out. 

What is Portfolio on LinkedIn?

Your portfolio on LinkedIn is the portion that will show your past work history, samples, and other significant achievements. When a person opens your profile and looks at your portfolio, he will know about your skills, what you do, and your past work. A resume tells people about your work, but your portfolio will show it to them. 

You do not need to be limited to your past jobs and can add other work you have done at an individual level. Make sure you present everything properly so that people are convinced of your work when they see your portfolio. 

What to Showcase in your LinkedIn Portfolio?

There is no limit to what you can showcase in your LinkedIn portfolio. Focus on your career achievements and work and present them using different forms of media. Your portfolio will make you stand out among thousands of other people who have the same job profile as you. Mostly you should focus on your work niche and interpersonal skills, but you can also include other skills and work samples. 

Some common things that people include in their portfolio are:

  •   A presentation or speech, or a picture or video of you receiving an award.
  •   Pictures of you working at your workplace.
  •   Videos with your colleagues or other influencers from your niche.
  •   Some of your work is published on a website or newsletter outside of your job.
  •   Tables, flowcharts, etc., related to your work and marketing strategies.

You can include anything else you feel is ideal for your portfolio and don’t need to be limited to a particular type. 

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What media can you add to your portfolio on LinkedIn?

You can be as creative as you want to make your LinkedIn portfolio attractive and informative at the same time.

You can share documents in the following forms:

  •   Share documents
  •   Videos
  •   Audio clips
  •   Images
  •   Presentations

You can use content from your website or other platforms like SlideShare, Twitter, Soundcloud, YouTube, etc. LinkedIn supports multiple file types:

Supported media for your LinkedIn Portfolio:

Media Type File Type
Images .jpg
Images .png
Videos .mp4
Documents .pdf
GIFs .gif
Word Files .doc
Excel Files .xslx
PowerPoint Files .pptx


Just try to make your portfolio creative and unique from others. Commercial websites upload product descriptions, demonstrations, visual proof, reviews, etc. IT professionals can upload their past work, programs, applications, etc. Just make sure that any media you upload must be supported by LinkedIn. 

Make sure you know how to embed samples and media so that you can add portfolio to LinkedIn without any issues. You just have to be creative and think like a marketing professional. The images, presentations, videos, images, etc., in your portfolio, should showcase your experience and talent. 

How to add portfolio pieces to your LinkedIn account?

Now that you know what is a LinkedIn portfolio, the next step is to build and upload a portfolio to LinkedIn. It will go in your profile’s Featured section. A resume is limited, but the content in your portfolio will show others what you do exactly. Follow these steps to add to your portfolio:

  1. Login and open your LinkedIn profile.
  2. Click on Add Section and open the Featured drop-down list. Next, you have to choose the category.
  3. You can add multiple content types to your portfolio from here, including links, posts, articles, media, etc. 
  4. You can also scroll to your profile’s Featured section and directly make changes to your portfolio from there. 

If you are wondering how to link portfolio to LinkedIn, it is a simple process and won’t take much long. The main thing you need to focus on is the content in your portfolio. If you add simple, repetitive stuff, no one will be attracted by your LinkedIn portfolio. 

Try to be as unique as possible and personalize your portfolio. A person should develop an interest and be fascinated as soon as he goes through your portfolio. 

How much content to share in your LinkedIn portfolio?

There is no fixed limit to the content you can share on your profile, and you can add as many links or files as you want. As your career grows, you can update your portfolio. Still, you should focus on adding 3 to 5 things that showcase personal stuff like interpersonal skills, branding, ideas, etc. After that, you need to focus on work. 

Add your previous project work, work samples, completed projects, future aspirations, job history, etc. Use different contents to attract eyeballs and showcase everything in a nice way. Your portfolio should show your value, all data and numbers should be clear, and it should promote you as a skilled and professional individual. 


Are you tired of sending the same old resume to every hiring manager and company again and again? There are thousands of other people in your job profile, and you need to present yourself better to stand out from them. 

LinkedIn is a great place for making professional connections, and if you set up a nice LinkedIn portfolio, people who view your profile will take added interest in you and your work. You can add multiple media types and links to your portfolio to make it look as nice and informative as possible.

Now that we know how to create a nice LinkedIn profile and how to do it, the next step is to make it happen. Stay professional while being unique, and your LinkedIn portfolio will stand out from the crowd. 


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