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How to Choose Safe Vaporizer Battery

Vaping has become big business in recent years as smokers turn to vape pens for safety and variety. Whether you are vaping CBD, cannabis or any other product there is a lot of choice when it comes to choosing your vaping device. Why are we talking specifically about batteries? The vape industry has pretty much standardised the type of battery it uses – known as 510 thread – which makes them interchangeable. The benefit is that some batteries do more than others!

Let’s have a look at how a vaporizer works, and then the reasons why you might wish to buy a more sophisticated battery than the standard one your vape device is fitted with.

How Does a Vaporizer Work?

A vaporizer can be one of many types, but all do the same thing: vaporize the substance you wish to ingest. Let’s take a simple vape pen, the most popular type of vape device. This consists of an outer casing that will house the controls. Within it is a compartment or cartridge for holding your vaping substance. There will also be a battery which heats a coil or atomizer. The latter can be made from different materials for varied effects.

Now when we talk about vape pen battery for cartridge use we mean a very small battery that heats the atomizer to the exact temperature at which the substance is vaporized. On a starter vape pen – the cheapest variety – the battery will more than likely have a single temperature setting. So, why would you want to change your battery?

Why Change the Battery?

When vape mod manufacturers researched trends in vaping they found that one thing people wanted was an adjustable voltage. Why is this necessary? If you can adjust the voltage of the battery, you can adjust the temperature at which the substance is atomized. The reason this is preferred is because different temperatures give a different flavor or strength of hit.

Manufacturers soon realized the demand for adjustable voltage batteries was great and began developing them. This is one reason why they settled on the 510 thread as the standard for all fitments that can be changed and upgraded on a vape device. You will find that some battery units come with three temperature settings, others with more, and that gives the user the ability to fine tune their hit to the strength they want.

It’s worth knowing that vaping gives a stronger flavor than smoking. There is no smoke to sully the taste, and no burning either. So, we recommend you check out different batteries for your vape device at a reputable online vape store, and you’ll be sure to find one that fits your needs. Now, before we go, there’s been a lot written about vaping and safety, so let’s cover that in brief before we close.

Is Vaping Safe?

The debate about how safe vaping is has gone on for years. Some will tell you it is perfectly safe, others the opposite. We can’t offer medical or scientific advice here, but what we can say is that vaping is certainly a safer alternative to smoking tobacco (or smoking any substance).

We know this because it is now well-known that the carcinogens that enter the lungs when smoking do so as a by-product of the burning itself. There is no burning with vaping, so that element is removed. If you ensure you buy your vape products – both devices and the substance you want to vape – from a reputable retailer you are ensuring the highest level of vaping, so start talking to a retailer now and see how you can enhance the experience with a new battery.

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