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How to Choose a Legit Cryptocurrency Casino – 2022

The popularity of any services on the Internet usually guarantees the appearance of scammers – dishonest services whose goal is to take users’ money. It would seem – how can you knowingly use a service that wants to steal your money? For example, unscrupulous crypto casinos are very successful in pretending to be trusted, so you will not see any red flags without a detailed observation.

The purpose of this article is to tell you how to check crypto casinos so as not to become a victim of scammers and use only legitimate sites.

Ways to Review Crypto Casino Sites

Today, there are many online platforms that check crypto casinos and betting platforms. They check poker sites, cryptocurrency dice sites, and so on. Players get a lot of value out from these sites but still want to do their due diligence just to be entirely sure. Now we will tell you what points you need to pay attention to when personally checking crypto casino sites.

#1 – License

When you, for example, want to find a website development agency, you probably work with those who are officially registered, sign a contract, etc. You will not rely on agency promises.

The same thing must be required when working with a crypto casino – a license that guarantees that the casino is honest, pays out winnings, does not adjust the outcomes of games, and so on. In addition, having a license means that you can get the support of the regulator that issued this license in case of any doubtful situation.

#2 – Deposits & Withdrawals

Before registering on a crypto casino site, check the deposit and withdrawal methods, as well as the fees. If you are looking for a specific casino that accepts Dogecoin, it will be a shame to go through the registration process and see that the casino does not take this coin.

Also, pay attention to the commissions – many crypto casinos do not charge their commissions for cryptocurrency transactions, but it will not be superfluous to ensure this.

#3 – Selection of Games

The choice of games and sports to bet on often shows the intent of the casino very well. Legitimate casinos give players as much choice as possible, offering some unique games. According to our observations, scam casinos are not particularly worried about players’ convenience, adding a standard set of games and sports.

#4 – Bonuses

Most players, first of all, pay attention to crypto casinos bonuses – the larger they are, the more they want to choose this particular casino. Do not rush to receive rewards – first, you need to check what requirements the platform puts forward to withdraw these bonuses. If this information is not visible on the crypto casino site, then be sure to request it from the support service.

Sometimes scam casinos give a lot of bonuses, and then it turns out that it is almost impossible to fulfill the conditions for their withdrawal along with the first deposit and all winnings.

#5 – Navigation

You may have experienced this:

You go to the site, try to find some information, and advertising pops up everywhere, there are a lot of errors in the content, it is impossible to find legal information on the main page.

If you suddenly find a similar crypto casino site, no further verification is needed – this is clearly not your service. Good crypto casinos are not afraid to tell about themselves and their services and publish license data.

#6 – Customer Support

Not all players test the support service in advance – it would seem, what should they ask? Alternatively, you can write to the support service with a request to provide information about the license, types of games, payment methods, bonuses, and so on. On the one hand, you will test the speed and value of the customer support response; on the other hand, you will quickly get all the information you need for complete casino due diligence.

#7 – Read Reviews

Reviews are a very interesting point, so we recommend checking them last. Cryptocurrency casinos are a very competitive activity, so there is a case when competitors specifically write negative reviews about a particular casino to scare away customers.

If you see that a licensed casino provides a lot of games, and everything is fine, then the reviews can give you an idea of ​​what problems may arise – slow loading of games, and so on. If the casino does not seem trustworthy to you, then the reviews will help you understand whether this is so – most often, such casinos receive a lot of negativity. We recommend that you pay attention to Reddit – there is a high probability of finding honest feedback.

Ways to Review Crypto Casinos – Conclusions

Cryptocurrency casinos offer players many different games, sports, and virtual sports. It is not enough just to believe the promises on the main page of the casino site – you need to check it since you trust this service with your money.

We hope that this article will be helpful for you and tell you what to look for when checking a casino. To make your work easier, let’s give you one last piece of advice – try to use popular services that you can already read reviews and reviews on the Internet about.


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