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How Fast Food Robots Are Helping Solve Labor Shortages

Fast food restaurant chains struggling to find workers and desperate to free their employees from tedious and repetitive tasks robot in their kitchen.

Using artificial intelligence, computer vision technology and mechanical arms, Flippy 2 from Miso Robotics was deployed to chipotle pepperWhite Castle, wing zoneWhitecastle said it plans to add 100 flippy robots to work at restaurant fry stations across the country.

Jake Brewer, Chief Strategy Officer at Miso Robotics, said: “It’s a foregone conclusion. The question is at what pace and in what form.”

Up to 82% of restaurant positions can, to some extent, robot, Automation could save U.S. fast food restaurants more than $12 billion in annual wages, the group said.

other enterprise The space includes Picnic, a pizza station with up to 130 oven-ready pizzas per hour, and Autec, with its line of sushi robots.

So what impact will robots have on the fast food industry and the lives of its workers? CNBC took a behind-the-scenes look at restaurant robot maker Miso Robotics to find out.

Watch the video to learn more.

https://www.cnbc.com/2023/01/20/how-fast-food-robots-are-helping-address-the-labor-shortage.html How Fast Food Robots Are Helping Solve Labor Shortages

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