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How Elon Musk Upended Twitter and His Own Reputation in Six Months as CEO

Claire Duffy CNN

Elon Musk first agreed To buy Twitter, he promised to make the company “better than ever,” more transparent, less bots, stronger business, and more what he called “free speech.” bottom.

But half a year after the mask dominated The future of Twitter has never been more certain.

After acquiring the social media platform for $44 billion in late October, Musk reportedly Twitter is currently valued at approximately $20 billion. Some people who follow the company think even that estimate is likely high. Musk has repeatedly warned that Twitter may be at risk of filing for bankruptcy. multiple lawsuitsBut it’s unclear how and when Musk will bring Twitter back to growth.

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he has hostile journalist And news outlets, long central to the platform’s success, have overseen policy changes that threaten to devalue Twitter. safety again reliablemade a platform low transparency researchers and Scared many top advertisers. Musk’s primary plan to grow his Twitter business through an all-out subscription strategy caused a lot of confusion but, limited number of the actual subscription.

In the process, Musk has also subverted his own reputation. Musk, who has become widely known for his groundbreaking efforts such as launching rockets and building electric cars, has spent the past six months on Twitter following controversial policy and feature changes and drastic staff cuts. I’ve spent a lot on headlines like serving frequently. He temporarily banned confusion, and several high-profile journalists. He also tweeted a long list of outlandish remarks from his personal Twitter account. conspiracy theory sharing and Openly mocking Twitter workers with disabilities He wasn’t sure if he had been fired.

“If he had done nothing but cut costs, Twitter would have been fine,” said Leslie Miley, a former Twitter engineering manager who set up the product safety and security team. I left the company Since then, he has held roles at Google, Microsoft and the Obama Foundation. “Had he let everyone go, treated him with respect, let the service run him for two years, he would probably be fine.”

But now Miley expects Twitter to “eventually follow the path of MySpace.”

“It will take a while… [but] I think Twitter is becoming irrelevant,” he said.

Twitter, which cut much of its public relations team under masks, responded to CNN’s request for comment on the story with an automated reply from a press email it’s been using for weeks. It’s a poop emoji.

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Chaos in Digital Town Square

For years, what set Twitter apart from other social platforms was that it served as a central hub for real-time news. It was a place for ordinary people to read and converse with celebrities, business leaders and other news makers.

Many of Musk’s recent moves on the platform threaten to undermine its purpose, not to mention the larger information ecosystem.

“Twitter was never perfect. It had many problems, but it was a critical global infrastructure for the information that Elon Musk is now systematically, frankly, sabotaging. ‘, Vivian Schiller, former chairman of global news at Twitter, recently told CNN. interview.

Recently, masks It was deleted The traditional blue check mark that verifies the identity of prominent users will instead allow Twitter Blue to check only those who pay $8 a month for Twitter Blue, in order to “treat everyone equally.”

In a tweet earlier this month, Musk said, “There should be no other standard for celebrities.

However, the move could make it easier for malicious individuals to impersonate celebrities, making it harder for users to trust the truthfulness and reliability of information on the platform. We have decided to sponsor the blue checks of certain celebrities such as Stephen King and LeBron James.

Musk now says that content from verified users will be promoted on the platform. This can make it harder for users who can’t afford a subscription or who simply don’t want to pay Musk to find an audience on the platform. He is also a computer science professor at Indiana University and a social media observatory.

“You can create a fake account and pay $8. [for a blue check] …I mean, if you’re a well-funded villain, you can do more damage than you used to,” Mentzer said. If you don’t have the right funds, your information will be less visible than it used to be.”

As a result, Mentzer added, “we may have less freedom of speech because we are drowning out the speech of the general public.” [with speech] By someone who has the technical skills or has the money to operate the system. ”

twitter transfer Charge users for that API It also makes it harder for researchers to identify and alert the platform to fraudulent activity, Mentzer said, which could disrupt other active uses of the platform that have contributed to its reputation as a news hub. teeth, warned This change may make it difficult to release automated emergency weather warnings.

Eliminate Advertisers and Users

Any social network lives or dies based on its ability to retain and attract users. And there are real reasons for Twitter to worry.

Many users, celebrities and media organizations have said they are planning to leave Twitter over Musk’s recent policy changes.

NPR, BBC, CBC quit twitter After opposing a controversial new “government-funded media” label they say is misleading. CenterLink is a global non-profit organization representing hundreds of centers serving the LGBTQ community. Said I will no longer use Twitter after the platform Protection removed For transgender users from our hateful conduct policy. And some high-profile users, such as bullying activist Monica Lewinsky, have threatened to exit the platform for changing his checks on Blue, as it could increase the risk of impersonation on Twitter.

Few alternatives offer the same functionality and scale as Twitter, but the list continues to grow. emerging competitors It emerged after the Musk acquisition. At least one of his big rivals, Facebook’s parent company Meta, has also admitted to working on a service very similar to Twitter.

Miley said, “Pretty much everything he’s been trying to do, he’s screwed up in every way possible.” It’s actually not fun because it reduces your ability to communicate effectively.”

After many advertisers stopped spending in the wake of Musk’s acquisition over rising hate speech and confusion about layoffs, all the turmoil forced advertisers who previously accounted for 90% of Twitter’s revenue into the platform. It became difficult to persuade them to rejoin the Future direction of the platform.

In September, only 43% of Twitter’s top 1,000 advertisers were still running ads in April, according to data from market research firm Sensor Tower.

Musk said Twitter usage has increased since his acquisition, with advertisers steadily returning to the platform. However, since he has taken the company private, he is under no obligation to disclose financial information and the company’s followers have no choice but to take him at his word.

Musk Reputation

Musk built his reputation by overhauling Tesla, initiating a broad shift from gasoline to electric vehicles, and growing SpaceX into a space transportation juggernaut. Now, he seems to be attempting a similar overhaul on his Twitter — other social media outlets on his platform, in favor of a subscription model that has yet to find mass success. upside down the digital advertising business of

https://www.ocregister.com/2023/04/27/how-elon-musk-upended-twitter-and-his-own-reputation-in-6-months-as-ceo/ How Elon Musk Upended Twitter and His Own Reputation in Six Months as CEO

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